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    Lucy, MichaelaKitten_(Artist)

    Lucy MichaelaKitten_(Artist) (410x495, 339.5KB)

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    Another one :P

    MichaelaKitten 5 years ago.

    MichaelaKitten_(Artist), Paulo

    MichaelaKitten_(Artist) Paulo (420x529, 421.8KB)

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    one of the sketches I did in class

    MichaelaKitten 5 years ago.

    Abbey, Augustus, David, McCain, ShadowChris_(Artist)

    Abbey Augustus David McCain ShadowChris_(Artist) (398x948, 631.0KB)

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    I was messing around with vectors and quite happy with the way theses came out. I myself really like how Abbey and Mcain came out.

    Shadowchris 5 years ago.

    Jasmine, Lucy, LucyxJasmine, RadioactiveSample_(Artist)

    Jasmine Lucy LucyxJasmine RadioactiveSample_(Artist) (850x650, 443.9KB)

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    BittersweetCandyBowl - The visual novel

    RadioactiveSample 5 years ago.

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    Developed by Langmaor.

    KiraDood5 5 years ago.

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    I'd be scared too

    SpaceMouse 5 years ago.

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    And then kicked in the face.

    Anialator 5 years ago.

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    ... "the sun says hello". :P

    foggy_han 5 years ago.

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    now kipth~!

    DLancer 5 years ago.

    alekz213_(Artist), Jessica, JessicaxLucy, Lucy, Rachel

    Jessica JessicaxLucy Lucy Rachel alekz213_(Artist) (1160x450, 316.6KB)

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    Darn. I want to smash my head against my laptop's keyboard. This just sucks. Oh, well. I hope they're having fun at the carnival, because I'm not having fun uploading such trash. Whatever. ._.

    alekz213 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53472

    Aww, don't be so negative.
    You know, basing on this, I really look forward to see one of your drawings scanned. :)
    (you said your scanner was broken in the other one)
    And they really look happy, especially Rach. :D

    foggy_han 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53477

    +1 for no hoverhand Jess.

    DLancer 5 years ago.

    Doublet_(Artist), Sandy

    Doublet_(Artist) Sandy (560x1067, 132.5KB)

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    awwww sheeeet. Sandy large and in charge.

    Ace 5 years ago.

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    Come on she couldn't possibly be that badass!!
    That's just awesome anyway!

    Cavara 5 years ago.

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    Sandy just takes what she wants. 8)

    Anialator 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53464

    sandy is the new mike

    crazyprinc3ss 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53469

    Mike is sooo gay compared to this 8-D

    Cavara 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53473

    Wow, just look at the might! :O
    Looks so great. And also reminds me... she did kept the scarf... uh-oh. :unsure:

    foggy_han 5 years ago.

    alekz213_(Artist), Lucy

    Lucy alekz213_(Artist) (1160x450, 135.2KB)

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    Bleh. Not my best. I'm used to drawing with a pencil and some paper, not a mouse and MS Paint. Sadly, my scanner is broken, so... D:

    alekz213 5 years ago.

    Daisy, HunkofBlue_(Artist), Paulo, PauloxDaisy

    Daisy HunkofBlue_(Artist) Paulo PauloxDaisy (845x576, 204.7KB)

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    SpaceMouse 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53465

    I love the eyes.

    Shayren 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53467

    god i'm loving all the pauloxdaisy artworks lately

    Vence 5 years ago.

    Mike, MikexSandy, Radial_(Artist), Sandy

    Mike MikexSandy Radial_(Artist) Sandy (907x1363, 310.9KB)

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    Lol if that's the case, I don't understand why Paulo and Mike aren't, like, Business partners XD
    Get it? Cuz their both man-****** :3

    IDog 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #45969

    I personally am definitely not a Sandy fan. I realize that her relationship with Mike is so canon it hurts. I much preferred the days before Sandy's influence turned Mike sour towards Lucy. I do not think she's a *****, nor do i believe she should die. But after December it has become painfully obvious that you will have to choose a side. You can take Sandy's because she appears to have a traumatic past from bullying if you take how she reacted when she thought Mike was being bullied. Or you can take Lucy, we have the most information readily available about her and have followed past from the vey beginning and we know why she is so clingy and abrasive and we saw as Sandy turned her closest friend against her despite Lucy already having severe trust issues. Sandy has pretty much destroyed Lucy as far as I can tell and I will stand by the good old days with her and Mike no matter what.

    Skykittykat 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #45972

    1) Sandy did not turn Mike sour towards Lucy.
    2) Sandy did not appear to have any traumatic bullying, not has word of god said otherwise.
    3) Sandy did not turn Mike against Lucy.
    4) Sandy did not intentionally hurt Lucy.

    In all cases, the problematic party is Mike himself.

    Radial 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #45973

    No I'm sorry i was a bit vague with the way i said that. I do not mean she intentionally hurt Lucy or turned Mike against her but that wa the result of her actions. Of course it is Mike who chose to ignore Lucy's insecurities and attack her weak spots but between the two Sandy was the one who incited the attack, even if unitentional. Also I could be wrong about her past but normally people arent that... I'm not sure of the best word to describe it but she reacted a lot stronger when she thought that Mike was being bullied than most people who havent been bullied would have. I know because I was bullied and the way I react to it is a lot different from me. Most people would have dropped it when he said that it was just who Lucy was. But Sandy had very violent emotions about it and thats why i believe she has a trauma. But we still know that Lucy has a lot of them wihout any inferencing and thats why I side with her. I like the Mike who fought side by side with Lucy against the scar guy who attacked them in the alley. The Mike before he got back together with Sandy and Lucy became a chore. I don't like the Mike now and I am not a fan of Sandy. But like i said we don't know much about her and my opinion may change but as it is she is the source of Mike's hatred for Lucy. Even if she didnt intend that because she doesnt know Lucy.

    Skykittykat 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #45974

    Sandy did not incite what Mike did. Mike would have left Lucy regardless of Sandy.

    Everyone reacts differently to bullying. Sandy did not know that Mike was joking in the matter, and Lucy has been known to beat Mike up to the point of bleeding. She was merely concerned with him. Nobody wants to see their loved ones hurt.

    Mike had never once admitted that he truly loved Lucy, and lets not forget, Lucy is wanted by many guys. Mike is the only one of the few she is willing to talk to. In a way, Lucy is shallow in that she only talks to the boys she is interested in, like Paulo and Mike.

    Sandy has done nothing to change the way Mike acts. We've seen Mike's nature in his discussion with Abbey in Rising Temperature. Mike has made little moves towards Lucy, and any attempt he has was met by Lucy's wall of Tsundere, for a lack of a better word.

    Mike clearly knew that Lucy was heavily dependent on him. Revealed in Left Behind, Mike was aware of Lucy's behavior and knew why Lucy behaves the way she does. Sandy bore no ill will towards Lucy, and was even wanting to play with her. Lucy was too selfish to join, not wanting to share Mike and sought an output elsewhere.

    In the battle in Confrontation, Mike was clearly drunk, and unable to think clearly. He reverted to a childish state, willing to fight for his friends. He did not fight for Lucy, he did not even bother about Lucy until after the fight, when she began crying.

    Sandy is not a guilty party in any sense, you clearly have a vendetta against her if you are not willing to see otherwise. The issue is with Mike and Lucy.
    Mike did not handle the break up well, choosing instead, to insult Lucy and push her away.
    Lucy handled the breakup the only way she knew how. She ran away, just like all the other times she tried to show strong emotions towards Mike. She always ran.

    Radial 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #45975

    Yes, Mike's the bad guy for getting tired of being Lucy's punching bag. Obviously he should have looked past the physical pain and emotional assaults to see just how much she cared for him. I mean, what an *******! Getting upset because of how she treated him like crap. Why didn't he just live for the sweet moments he got once in a blue moon?

    Susan 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #45977

    I am sorry but avoid in an unecessary and pointless arguement over a differ in opinions I wish to politely withdraw from this discussion before it goes any farther. I have my own reasons to dislike both Sandy and Mike and I can see that neither of us will sway the other.

    I was merely stating my opinions and belief that you over generalized in this picture by saying this was the way BCB fans reacted towards Sandy.

    No, I don't like her but I don't think she's a ***** and deserves to die either. It's nice that you have proof behind your reasons for liking Sandy but it's kind of rude for you to say that I must have a vendetta against her just because I disagree with your reasons.

    So I just wanted to say that I respect your opinion and hope that you will do the same for me in return.

    Skykittykat 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #46055

    Whoa....people leave this for Forums and such ^
    p.s. radial, you know better

    IDog 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #49838

    Wow... essays here. I'm SO with you Radial.

    PotterHead_jelly_bean 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53466

    They still kept in touch. They wrote letters to each other, if sandy didn't care she would have stopped writing to maishul completely.

    Moshilun 5 years ago.

    Mike, MikexSandy, Outshout_(Artist), Sandy

    Mike MikexSandy Outshout_(Artist) Sandy (816x544, 235.7KB)

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    I really hope I've done alright x_x

    This is my first upload and I hope everything is up to standard >o<

    Outshout 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53459

    I like it. Feelings :C

    Anialator 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #53461

    This is really awesome

    Link4565 5 years ago.

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