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Fair Game — Page 6
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Author commentary

Veronica: I don’t think Matt fully intended to give Paulo such a colossal burn, but accidents happen.

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Posted imagethis is a wholeass mood

Tumblr: euelioi September 28, 2018

im gonna do all three together bc im a sucker for poly stuff dkjgnfgthis would defo be interesting and unexpected… i think, honestly, it’d be REAL hard for Daisy to handle, just because she has so many insecurities specifically around Lucy? so i think she’d worry that Lucy was going to steal Paulo & split off from the triad & isn’t actually interested in Daisy romantically….Paulo would be In HeavenLucy i think would have a hard time w/ it too, just because i think she knows how Daisy feels about her & would have a hard time consoling her abt it…but like it’d be cute to start out i think…. all of them would at first be like “o man TWO other ppl like me? neat……” and then i think Drama would happen. but it’d be cute while it lasted djgknf

Tumblr: bramblepaws September 29, 2018

i love this ship in theory a LOT because, pretty much, of kit’s art & comics for this ship … they’re all so dang cute…. in actuality i have mixed feelings about them. because i think if they went through a lotta growth & character development, we could get to kit’s reality? but where they are right now i dont see it happening. Daisy has waaaay too many insecurities revolving around Lucy, and that would be really hard to have in a relationship. & vero said somewhere that Lucy’s main reason for being nice to Daisy is.. pity, which, also is not very good for a relationship. but i think if they had a big bonding thing where they talked and understood each other better it’d be more viable? i would love to see them like… try to empathize more with each other tbh, especially after the karate chapter. i wanna know what Daisy thought abt it!! i wanna know if she understands Lucy any better now!!

Tumblr: bramblepaws September 29, 2018

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