Fair Game — Page 6
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Veronica: I don’t think Matt fully intended to give Paulo such a colossal burn, but accidents happen.

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i have….. mixed feelings abt this ship…………… because i loooved it when they were younger, it was very sweet, but they’ve always had the baggage they arent able to push through & now there’s More Of It. at this point in the story i feel like they’d be a very bad ship (too much bad blood, too many mistakes made, too few apologies given). but maybe, after some time and a LOT of work, it could be possible? idk!! i like them better as friends tbh because i dont think they bring out the best in each other when they’re romantically involved. 

Tumblr: bramblepaws September 28, 2018

lucy/sue: oh man i LOOOVE this ship in theory, like, they’re RLY cute together, but in practice i could see it either going Very Good or Very Bad. good ending: sue encourages Lucy to not be so drama-oriented & encourages her to open up. bad ending: sue and lucy clash over their differing opinions on everyone in the friend group & sue is unable to handle how drama-oriented lucy is / lucy is unable to handle how straightforward sue wants things to be (I COULD BE MISREADING SUE AS A CHARACTER HERE THO)lucy/tess: HHRRHGHHG another ship i love in theory………..i think this one would work more as like.. a casual thing that moves into Less Casual? like they just start dating 4 funzies because Tess is fun and Lucy is fun and they have fun together. and then they run into the various issues the other has – Tess’s drinking problems and Lucy’s issues revolving around […]

Tumblr: bramblepaws September 28, 2018

Abbey x Daisy: I…… rly don’t like this pairing kjdfgnfkgn. i feel like they were cute to start out, but their insecurities meshed REALLY poorly (Abbey has a tendency to highly mistrust other men & by extension Not Trust Women to stay safe with the dudes, and this leads to him being controlling; Daisy has a tendency to want a LOT of positive attention from dudes especially and this leads her to interacting w/ the types of ppl Abbey wants her to stay away from). they were cute together but im glad that it was relatively short, since their relationship seems Best as a short one… i’m glad Daisy kickstarted Abbey into therapy & i’m glad Abbey kickstarted Daisy’s self-confidence a bit, but i’m glad it’s overMixe x Sandy: I ALSO DONT LIKE THIS ONE JKDBGDKJFBDJKG i hope ur sending me these to roast em…………….. but i feel like Mike has put Sandy on […]

Tumblr: bramblepaws September 29, 2018

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