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time to be an old bitch

Oliver: THIS IS NO REGULAR OLD BITCH THIS IS MY VERO AND I WANT YOU TO ALL BE VERY NICE TO HER TODAY! Veronica is the sweetest kindest thing on this earth and she works like a MULE and deserves much more than a single day to relax and do what she wants to do!!! I am gonna do my best to make her happy today, but please do what you can by sending her a nice tweet, with a kind phrase like “YOU ARE GOOD AT PUYO PUYO” or “I WANT YOU TO CATCH THE POKEMON”! (Or something more personal.) I love my Vero so much. Let’s all wish her the happiest day!!

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its veros birthday today so happy bittersweet candy bowl day everyone!
this comic shaped a lot of my own art style and vero was one of my biggest inspirations growing up and im just glad shes out there existing and still writing that cat comic. happy birthday vero!

Tumblr: squigglegigs December 5, 2018

paulo crying when his friends are crying is such a wholesome thing to me idk why

Tumblr: kindlecorner November 30, 2018

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Paulo is #1 Goodboy anyone who says otherwise can fucking fight me

Tumblr: darkmoonhyena November 30, 2018

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