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Veronica: I like Paulo fidgeting by putting his foot against the glove box, I admit I used to do that a lot when I was in the passenger seat :-[ NOT ANYMORE BECAUSE I KNOW THAT’S UHHHHH PRETTY UNSANITARY.

We’re at Anime NYC all weekend! Come out to the Javits Center and find us in the exhibit hall, booth 460 (around the corner from VOLKS USA and Kinokuniya!)

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I wonder if Lucy was sent to him or something when she attempted, and she went to private school there before going back. It’d be a neat full circle, that’s for sure

Tumblr: maxineride818 November 15, 2018

Tumblr image
I sat down in my comics class and my teacher told me my final exam was to make a comic from scratch in one hour, with all the steps. Nothing teaches you how to draw fast quite like having to!
It is not a good comic, but I did learn that you can use the “levels” tool in Photoshop (or the free browser-based Photopea) to automagically erase all the pencil lines from a scan, so that’s pretty cool. If this comic were worth the effort I could probably re-letter it digitally and make the panels proper squares, but….enh. I’ve been giving serious thought to doing a /qst/, so being able to draw quickly could help with that. 
(Also, I don’t know if that anecdote about Bittersweet Candy Bowl is actually true)

Tumblr: thewebcomicsreview November 15, 2018

since we bcb posting, people who joke about jasmine hating gay people are fools when jasmine so obviously loves women

Tumblr: mayacreamnose November 15, 2018

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