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Veronica: :(

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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I sat down in my comics class and my teacher told me my final exam was to make a comic from scratch in one hour, with all the steps. Nothing teaches you how to draw fast quite like having to!
It is not a good comic, but I did learn that you can use the “levels” tool in Photoshop (or the free browser-based Photopea) to automagically erase all the pencil lines from a scan, so that’s pretty cool. If this comic were worth the effort I could probably re-letter it digitally and make the panels proper squares, but….enh. I’ve been giving serious thought to doing a /qst/, so being able to draw quickly could help with that. 
(Also, I don’t know if that anecdote about Bittersweet Candy Bowl is actually true)

Tumblr: thewebcomicsreview November 15, 2018

since we bcb posting, people who joke about jasmine hating gay people are fools when jasmine so obviously loves women

Tumblr: mayacreamnose November 15, 2018

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