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Veronica: Look at Chris’ mother scolding him in the second-to-last panel! She does not tolerate harassing minimum-wage workers, nosuree! She only raises GOOD children.

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Airy Frith  

Comment ID #22816

Best part of the page = Chris


Comment ID #22817

What a good boy Chris is.


Comment ID #22818

Paulo is about to stop coping


Comment ID #22819

Uh oh gay tensionđź‘€


Comment ID #22820

Chris will make a good overlord one day


Comment ID #22821

Oh man, this sucks for like, everyone involved. James wasn’t aware that Paulo had any feelings for him aside from friendly ones. Mike isn’t aware of the same from James, and thinks he’s just a fun bro on the track team. Both of them aren’t aware of how insecure Paulo is going to feel as a result of it :( The two guys he thinks are cute hitting it off without him…

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #22822

The love triangle we deserve~


Comment ID #22823

I am living for every panel Chris is in. New top fav character right there. He's definitely learning from Haley


Comment ID #22824

"I'm literally just working." Someone's already bitter...


Comment ID #22825

Uhhhh so I Paulo going to point out the girlfriend thing from a place of jealousy? Though I doubt Mike hasn't so much as mentioned Sandy to his new friends.


Comment ID #22826

Is Paulo going to try and get an invite of his own?


Comment ID #22827

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Mike keeps quiet about Sandy when with the Track Team. He seems to be using it as an escape from the drama of his life as best he can. Probably a big reason why he didn't explain his history with Lucy to James at the arcade as well.


Comment ID #22828

Paulo bout to throw up


Comment ID #22829

James is a little too excited about hanging out with Mike.


Comment ID #22830

/experiencing second-hand hurt


Comment ID #22831

I'm so ready for a slightly irritated Paulo to tell James that Mike has a girlfriend, and for James to spend the rest of the chapter being a petty little bitch

Let me dream

Mobius Gopherhole  

Comment ID #22832

Oh that would be such a primo twist...


Comment ID #22833

Lmfao XD Hey, Chris, like his big bro, is no longer bald!


Comment ID #22834

Id like to know how the main characters like their burgers. Like I can see Paulo loving a double cheese burger with bacon while mike likes a burger like a whopper. What do you guys think James and Lucys fav burgers are?


Comment ID #22835

I dunno about them, but I like to imagine Augustus orders a regular burger, but puts fries and nuggets on it.


Comment ID #22836

James probably goes for sausage egg n cheese croissant at BK breakfast, with OJ, and goes over the moon for any burger that has mushrooms on it and isn't also lousy with a buncha onions. A bit, few rings, sure, a sprinkle of diced, sure, but preferrably browned. Absolutely not an entire slice of onion.

Lucy likes the chicken burgers/sandwiches but feels too guilty to eat fowl so she has the fish one. Unironically loves it but plays along when Augustus scolds her for eating trash fish the fast food joints make.

... Now im really craving a salmon burger myself, been so fricken long....


Comment ID #22837

Does James know that Mike has an imaginary girlfriend?


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