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Veronica: Chris is growing up so fast… he’s in that phase where he just GROWS. It’s crazy to remember that even with the slow pace of the comic (webcomic time…) Chris should be noticeably growing up. He’s not just a baby anymore! It’s been like four years since the start of the story timewise!! Honestly kinda crazy. I don’t wanna think about it anymore

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Comment ID #22796

Oh no I forgot about this because i was so distracted with the last chapter 😱 i cant wait to see how this plays out

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #22797


Airy Frith  

Comment ID #22798

Paulo's jealousy of Mike will never get a break... 🥲

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #22799

Little Chris! 🥺


Comment ID #22800

Yay. Chris is here to upstage his brother


Comment ID #22801

The feeling of being replaced. Of drifting off from what you felt were strong connections.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #22802

gay love triangle incoming


Comment ID #22803

James likes his job a little too much.


Comment ID #22804

Mike/James date chapter lets go!!

I theorised with a close friend that this is going to be a Mike/James chapter where the two aforementioned characters have a nice trip somewhere (probably not the mall...) while a jealous Paulo and a thirsty Daisy follow closely behind in the shadows and wacky hijinks ensue. If that ACTUALLY ends up being the premise of the chapter, I will hereby dub myself a prophet xD

Steven Marshall  

Comment ID #22805

Honestly? It kinda felt in the early chapters like it was set up mostly for jokes and punchlines without much reason, which then later realized as a catalyst for drama.


Comment ID #22806

Awww!! Chris is walking and stuff now!! He’s grown so much! 😭 Ahhh~ this might seem like a silly question but is there an actual canon reason Mike is seen as attractive by everyone? He’s only recently started the track team, so not exactly into any sports, dosent seem to be part of any clubs either. Is a loner who up to recently been ignoring his core group of friends, he’s a good student though. Even physically I feel his color scheme is rather muted (grey), not really into fashion, seems to be on the shorter side (nothing wrong with that just when he stands next to his group of friends he kinda disappears) so why does he always seem to have everyone swooning over him?


Comment ID #22807

Pretty sure he's just the generic cute guy that every school has


Comment ID #22808

I agree with Fiver. The early chapters are helpful for just getting a feel on it, "Prom Preparation" and "Puppy Love" especially.


Comment ID #22809

I got a feeling James' stan-ness with Mike will reach dangerous levels soon...

Jimbolian VA  

Comment ID #22810

oh my god Chris' little outfit.... 🥹


Comment ID #22811

Can Mike and Paulo have a love triangle with James that dramatically leads to them being a throuple? I just think it would be neat.


Comment ID #22812

Everyone who wants good things is just sitting here thinking like boy I'm so glad Mike has a healthy friendship/love interest for once in James. But me, I'm sat here with my popcorn like I can't wait to watch this sweet boy to be Broken by the emotional cheese grater that is Being in Love With Mike.


Comment ID #22813

Chris continues to carry his family even with minor appearances


Comment ID #22814


Haruhi Hatake  

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