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Veronica: Paulo is such an unreliable narrator that he won’t even admit to the READER that he’s actually had a crush on James for months!!! This was very perfectly-planned!!!!

(No seriously, I think if I had a chapter that involved Paulo specifically working at burger-tron with James around, like what happened in Everyday Life, there might have been an inkling. For a person very overt about his feelings, there’s some feelings he would rather keep close to his chest)

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #22900

Awww daisy!! 🥹

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #22901

I want to be encouraged by Daisy's words, but we can't see her eyes...


Comment ID #22902

Hmm, maybe they could make an open relationship work 🤔 Daisy likes gossiping about crushes, Paulo always seems to really like more than one person at a time, ect.


Comment ID #22903

If you don't talk about your feelings then they're not real, right? ...Right??


Comment ID #22904

Good old Daisy, looking out for her friends.


Comment ID #22905

Poor Paulo. The poor kid still doesn't feel like he matters. His mom leaving is a wound he stil needs a lot of help healing. Someone get this poor kid some therapy. Heck, get them ALL some therapy, they need it. Abbey needs BETTER therapy because his obviously hasn't helped as much as it should after several years.


Comment ID #22906

Since there's no post yet for the new page OH MY GOD HERE IT COMES THEYRE IN LOVE


Comment ID #22907

Switch the end of the url to pg9 :)

Emily White  

Comment ID #22908

I know! I already saw it. They just haven't made a new post yet so I have nowhere else to comment yet


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