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Author commentary

Veronica: HELLOOOOOOOOOOO and welcome to the next chapter!!

I had a lot of fun making this one. We are going STRAIGHT TO THE DATE!!! WHOA!! Will Paulo and the group crash James and Mike’s big night out? Will Mike break up with Sandy? Will James get extra butter on his popcorn? You’ll have to read to find out!!

.. at one day a week!!!!


Souppy has written a good summary of our CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS in the news post, but I am very sorry for this tragic news. I feel like this past.. couple of years after dedicating so much time to the omnibus, I have just never been able to fully catch up. And we have some stuff we want to announce, but it just feels bad having to do all of it in a rush.

So we are gonna update once a week for at least this chapter, maybe more. When you wake up to make a page, go to sleep having made a page and repeat the same process over and over for weeks on end, the days just start blurring together and I want a break from that.

Anyway enough sob story excuses since I feel quite terrible about it. In better news this chapter owns and it’s the best chapter to start with the new schedule because EVERY PAGE WILL KEEP YOU GUESSING!!! Hahahah!!!

ALSO we are gonna have the “February” stream this Friday! Because we won’t be free to do the stream in actual February! More posts to come about that on the BCB Patreon.

So in short: next update is Monday, patrons are always a page ahead, and we are doing a stream this Friday at 1pm! Thank you all!

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #23042

Mike's getting fluffier by the day


Comment ID #23043

It must be his shampoo lol


Comment ID #23044

Two chapters later Mike will be fluffier than Daisy.


Comment ID #23045

Oh boy, time to get the popcorn! Both them, and us!


Comment ID #23046

Ah it's date time


Comment ID #23047

me: i dont like mike all that much

mike: *gets fluffier*

me, holding back tears: i-i guess he's OKaY

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #23048

You're always late James, especially at work.


Comment ID #23049

Mike looks floofy. Looks cute!


Comment ID #23050

Mike's fur decides to grow exactly when he perks up bc his girl is now actually taking their relationship seriously, and actually not pretending he doesn't exist like a weird uncle half a globe away.

....you go, Mike! Let this lil precious down gently, alright?


Comment ID #23051

Either Mike is getting fluffier, or he's letting himseIf go.

Cherushi Metsumari  

Comment ID #23052

hrt Mike


Comment ID #23053

He's subconsciously imitating James... that's what I choose to believe


Comment ID #23054

Hmm... you've already used the chapter title "Off to the Movies"... I wonder what this one will be called? Perhaps something in French, the name of the film Mike and James are going to see?


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