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Veronica: Daisy is so accommodating.. “how long have you been no homo’d with James?”, she’s entertaining his DENIAL.

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Paulo 🥺


Comment ID #22886

Mmm... Crushes were always so damn hard. At some point it made me callous towards other people. I'd hate for Paulo to let his emotions lead him wrong.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #22887

Awwww he doesnt really know how to handle a crush that isnt Lucy


Comment ID #22888

He doesn't know how to handle Lucy either


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No-one seems to get the one they love in this story

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This interaction actually just makes me want Daisy and Lucy to get closer. Paulo doesn’t know what he wants, Lucy was smart to shut him down every time she did (except when she was “saying goodbye”). Mike and Daisy had a really healthy exchange, and I feel Lucy would experience the same in a chat with Daisy. Mike and Paulo are also toxic and codependent.

Gabrielle R  

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Paulo is always trapped in a glass cage of emotions

Aesthete Noire  

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Someone's jealous.


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BCB only ages like fine wine, vero bless


Comment ID #22894

Poor Paulo


Comment ID #22895

Really enjoying Daisy being over the denial at this stage of character development


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Third panel hints towards Paulo having a crush on both James and Mike.


Comment ID #22897

This is honestly giving me flashbacks to when Paulo invited David, his friend, to come with to the movie with Daisy. Even if you strip out the romantic feeling subtext from how he's feeling about this, its pretty easy to see why he feels left out when two people he wants to be closer with don't bother to offer to let him come too, even if just as a friend. That's just what he'd do and it sucks to not have the same thing offered back from your other friends.


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Fourth panel is giving me some trouble since Paulo speaks casually. I assume it's "I've known him way longer than Mike [has]."


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