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[Caption: Monday]
Daisy: Mikie, where were you!!
*Daisy clutches her hands together, pleading.*
Mike: Huh?

Daisy: At prom! I looked all over for you!
*Mike sweats, while Lucy looks on blankly.*
Mike: Oh, um, I’m sorry.
*Yashy, resting in Lucy’s arms, scowls.*
Yashy: He wanted to avoid you, whore!

Paulo: So I take it you and Lucy opted for a “private” dance?
*Paulo smirks, making a hand gesture suggesting sex. Mike frowns.*
Mike: No.

*David enters, with a bandaged head and a black eye.*
David: Well, I sure had a whale of a time!
*Mike looks back, shocked.*
Mike: David!!

Mike: What the hell happened to him?!
*Daisy looks coy.*
Daisy: He finally danced with his crush..

[Caption: Flashback]
*Back at the prom, David notices Flower Girl while his head is submerged in the punch bowl.*

*David launches himself at Flower Girl.*
David: CATCH!!
Flower Girl: Huh?!

*A bewildered Flower Girl catches David perfectly, holding him above her head. A generic background figure behind them holds up a piece of paper with “10” written on it.*

*David holds Flower Girl’s hands while holding a rose between his teeth, an intense romantic expression on his face.*
David: Okay, babe. Let’s mango.
*Flower Girl blushes.*
Flower Girl: Oh okay!

*David and Flower Girl begin to dance.*

David: ♪ Ring around the rosie~! ♪
*Flower Girl goes limp as David spins with her.*
Flower Girl: Ahh..

Flower Girl: I’m getting dizzy…

*Continuing the dance, Flower Girl accidentally throws David through a window.*
David: Aack!!

*Flower Girl pokes her fingers together, looking embarrassed. A crowd looks on in shock.*
Flower Girl: umm..

[The flashback ends.]
*David looks pleased with himself as Mike and Lucy look on.*
David: I think I got laid.
*Mike sweats.*
Mike: Umm..

*Paulo, folding his arms, appears from behind and grins.*
Paulo: HAH! Think YOU got close?

*Paulo points his thumb at himself, grinning.*
Paulo: I think I won that little prom battle, Davie.

David: NO WAY!!
Paulo: Way.
*Lucy and Mike watch them, a little disturbed.*
Lucy: So are we supposed to be jealous of these guys?

Author commentary

Veronica: This is actually one of the scrapped pages from “Unfulfilled Fantasy”! When I originally finished the previous chapter, I wanted to end it in a lighthearted way so I switched the subject over to the day after the prom.. but Souppy thought it was a bit abrupt and should be redone.

I ultimately agreed, but I really really REALLY loved this page.. so it gave me the incentive to make it into its own separate chapter! In the end, I totally don’t regret the choice. I really love this sequence!

The expression David has in panel nine is meant to be similar to that onion-headed guy from Di Gi Charat, but I drew it from memory instead of picking up a reference!

I’m glad Flower Girl gets to shine in this, instead of staying an oblivious character in the backgrounds. Seems like they coulda gotten along! Perhaps David’s crush is not truly random..

Oliver: Abarenbou!!!

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Reader comments

Comment ID #5767

laughter is ur soul talking, and my soul wont shut up! hahahahahaahahhahha

bored as hell April 19, 2010, 4:22 AM EDT.

Comment ID #84321

Yeah, he did almost get laid… To rest!! LOL

Cody August 30, 2010, 6:47 PM EDT.

Comment ID #177573

ahaha, I just realized what the motion Paulo is doing with his hands in panel 3 is. Niiiice :P

k August 18, 2011, 10:28 AM EDT.

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