17. Unfulfilled Fantasy, original chapter posted 8/6/06

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*Mike and Lucy walk side by side. Mike leans on a cane.*
Lucy: So.. how’s that leg feeling?
*Mike smiles.*
Mike: It’s healing fine!

*Chirpy and Yashy follow behind them. Chirpy looks upset.*
Chirpy: Whoever hurt Boy-Kitty was a big meanie!!
*Yashy smugly smiles.*
Yashy: Were you even there? It was hilarious! He was doin’ cartwheels!

*Chirpy waves her wing in the air, frowning.*
Chirpy: That’s not nice, Mommy! How would you feel if you broke your leg?

*Yashy looks up to a thought bubble, depicting a version of herself wearing a cast being beaten in a video game by a gloating Blur.*
Blur: Hah! You lose, greenie!

*Yashy then pictures herself kicking Blur in the face with her cast, knocking teeth flying.*
Yashy: Iron foot punch!
*Yashy smirks to herself.*

*Chirpy, unaware of the daydream, notices Yashy’s expression.*
Chirpy: See? Now you understand! Right, Mommy?
*Yashy cackles.*
Yashy: Totally, Chirps.

*Lucy gives Mike’s injured leg a troubled look.*
Lucy: You’re pretty brave to be hopping around like that. Doesn’t it hurt?
Mike: Nah!

Mike: It’s actually kind of fun! Whoo!
*Mike, surrounded by sparkles, leaps into the air as Yashy and Chirpy observe.*

Yashy: What if I do this?
*Yashy jumps up onto Mike’s cast.*
Mike: URK!!
*Mike flinches, dropping his cane as he is surprised by the sudden pain.*

*Mike drops to the ground. Yashy clings to Mike’s leg as he desperately trying to shake her off.*
Lucy: Yashy..

*Yashy, now standing in the distance, laughs at Mike.*
Mike: That.. really hurt. Wow.
*Chirpy glares at Yashy.*
Chirpy: Mommy! That was real mean!

Lucy: We’re nearly at your house anyway. You stay put. I’ll pick up the mail.
*Lucy gestures to the side as Mike shudders, leaning on his cane, still in pain.*
Mike: That’d be nice..

*Mike weakly smiles as he continues to shake.*
Mike: I’d rather not move more than necessary right now.
Lucy: Yeah, sure..
*Lucy blankly reaches into the mailbox.*

*Lucy retrieves a large stack of mail.*
Lucy: You’ve got a lot of junk mail in here. I don’t think we usually get this much..

*A letter slips out of the bundle.*
Lucy: !

*The letter, covered in little hearts, falls to the sidewalk.*
Mike: ..!
Lucy: ..?

*Mike grits his teeth and blushes, regarding the fallen letter apprehensively.*

Lucy: Sorry! I’ll get it!
*Mike looks guilty as Lucy bends down to pick it up.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Oh dear what’s this? Something that’s gonna change the dynamic of the comic FOREVER?

Yashy is such a mongrel lmao

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #78681

Viva Yashie!

Mr.Red August 19, 2010, 4:39 PM EDT.

Comment ID #157190

oh no, this is the page in which all of the lucyxmike problems begin… oh no ;_;

teena-the-artist April 16, 2011, 9:56 PM EDT.

Comment ID #231470

And then EVERYTHING went horribly wrong.

TheSiegnier October 18, 2012, 2:23 AM EDT.

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