20. Hot Pursuit, original chapter posted 9/6/06

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*Mike runs along the pavement, a determined look on his face.*
Mike: It’s only another couple of blocks away.. I’m making good time..

*Mike sprints past Lucy, who looks surprised.*

*Lucy turns around, confused.*
Lucy: ?

Lucy: Mike?
*Mike freezes.*

*Both look annoyed.*
Lucy: Where are you running to?
Mike: Bus stop.
Lucy: Why?
Mike: I’m going to Maraschino.
Lucy: Why?
Mike: Umm..

Mike: I’m in a hurry, okay? No time to talk!
*Mike walks away, surprising Lucy.*
Lucy: Hey, wait!

*Lucy puts her hands on her hips and looks on, scowling.*

*Mike stands alone at a bus stop, looking nervous. After a moment, Lucy joins, to his surprise.*

*Mike flinches and begins to sweat.*
Mike: What are you doing here?!
*Lucy crosses her arms.*
Lucy: I’m not letting you blow me off! I’m coming, too!
Mike: But..
Lucy: Don’t try to stop me!

*Mike and Lucy begin arguing.*
Mike: Why the hell do you wanna bother me?!
Lucy: You always do the same thing!
Mike: No, I don’t!!
Lucy: Liar!!

*The bus arrives.*
Mike: I really am not in the mood for this!
Lucy: Well, too bad!

*The bus leaves. Mike sits aboard and slumps against the window, looking irritated. Lucy sits across the aisle from him and kicks her feet up in the air in frustration.*

*Mike glares at Lucy.*
Mike (thinking): She’s so damn stubborn..

*He crosses his arms and closes his eyes.*
Mike (thinking): Sandy was always so much kinder..

*The bus drives on.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Hi, Lucy! You showed up just in time for the UPCOMING ANGST. She was just heading over to his house.. oblivious of what’s to come..

I like how Mike is cranky about Lucy being so stubborn. Meanwhile I’m like “aww, she’s so cute!”, Paulo would be feeling the same, honestly.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #168498

Oh no this will turn out realy bad.

Ventrex June 22, 2011, 10:44 AM EDT.

Comment ID #204019

get out lucy. hes gotta do what hes gotta do so get out before he makes you.

Quiznos December 31, 2011, 11:25 AM EST.

Comment ID #253627

Mike, you’re smart and all, but you really need to learn how to sort out emotions…

Barosepha July 13, 2013, 11:47 PM EDT.

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