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*Lucy looks at Mike with concern.*
Lucy: Will you be alright?
*Mike’s lip quivers.*
Mike: Mm..

*Mike looks down, his back to Lucy.*
Mike: It.. really hurts, you know? Nothing ever works out for us.

Mike: It’s like there’s a force out there keeping us apart. You’d think I’d get the message..
*Lucy looks on, listening attentively.*

Mike: But if she remembers.. that means I have to keep trying.. even if takes another four years!
*Mike bursts into tears.*

*Lucy continues to look at Mike with concern.*
Lucy: Mike, it won’t be like that. She found a way to come see you, didn’t she? She obviously cares about you..

Lucy: Isn’t that what’s important? Knowing she’s still thinking of you after all these years?
*Mike stops crying for a moment and looks at Lucy.*
Mike: .. Well, yeah..

*Lucy musters a smile.*
Lucy: I think you got your answer to that question today. I mean, it’s a really thoughtful gift..

Lucy: You can hold onto it, and know you’ll see each other soon enough.
*Mike, still holding the tree, looks at Lucy with a touched expression.*
Mike: Lucy..

*Mike, frowning slightly, turns away from Lucy and glances back at her.*
Mike: Thank you.. It really helps to hear that.
*Lucy smiles softly.*
Lucy: Just quit being so angsty, okay?

*Yashy runs toward Lucy, crying.*
Yashy: Mom!! I wanna go home! Blur’s being mean to me again!
*Blur smirks.*
Blur: Just because I keep winning?
*Lucy holds out her arms to Yashy.*
Lucy: Aww, Yashy..

*Lucy hugs Yashy as Yashy jumps into her arms.*
Lucy: There, there..
Yashy: Mommmm..
*Blur smiles and waves.*
Blur: See you tomorrow!

Yashy: See THIS tomorrow!!!
*Yashy holds up her middle finger. Lucy looks shocked and upset.*
Lucy: HEY!!

Lucy: I better go before these two kill each other.
Yashy: I hate you so much, Blur!!
*Mike frowns, looking at Lucy.*

Lily: I’m sorry about today, Michael.
*Mike looks down at Lily.*

Mike: Lily..
*Lily looks up with a solemn face.*
Lily: I saw you on the TV.. You really were searching for her.

Lily: But like you said, some things happen for a reason. Today wasn’t the day, but it’ll come.
Mike: Thank you.
*Mike walks away with his tree as Lily heads toward the door.*

*Lucy, Lily and Yashy leave Mike’s house. Lucy closes her eyes, looking sad. Still in her arms, Yashy whines.*
Yashy: Earth to Mom! Hello~!! Mom! Mom?

*The three walk down the street.*
Lucy: Huh? Oh, sorry! What’s up?
Yashy: I swear if you go all emo on me..
Lucy: I’m not!!

Author commentary

Veronica: Despite Yashy having blobs for hands, she can still flip someone off. You go, girl!

I’m glad that Lucy is being shown to not be fully okay with this. Perhaps this has influenced some of her past decisions.. it feels kinda crummy to feel like a second prize..

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Reader comments

Comment ID #127141

Later on we find out that mike thinks lucy doesnt care for him, just needs his company so… maybe thats partly why he didnt notice?

Echo November 16, 2010, 4:53 PM EST.

Comment ID #140168

I loved the emotion at six, like shes trying to make him feel better with the smile, but you can tell shes still worried about him with the eyes.

NS+GP_forever January 2, 2011, 12:02 PM EST.

Comment ID #146821

I hate you and your stupid obsession with that stupid girl who left in like fourth grade anyway.
You have a totally awesome blue-eyed pink-bowed girl kitty right in front of you and all you can think about is someone who you’re not likely to see again.

Ali February 11, 2011, 6:53 AM EST.

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