20. Hot Pursuit, original chapter posted 9/6/06

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*Mike stands at the entrance of the mall, uncertain.*

Mike (thinking): She went up the escalator..

*Mike stands on the escalator, looking hopeful.*
Mike (thinking): Oh man.. what am I gonna say to her? We’re so close to being reunited..

*Mike watches customers pass in and out.*
Mike (thinking): Why is this place so BIG? Where did she go? Ugh..

*Mike stands with his hands on his hips, sighing.*
Mike (thinking): Everything in Maraschino is so huge. I should have known it wouldn’t be easy..
*A saleswoman appears behind Mike, craning her neck toward him cartoonishly.*
Saleswoman: Excuse me, young man!

*Mike looks over, annoyed.*
Mike: Hmm?
*The saleswoman gestures to a large toy car.*
Saleswoman: Have you seen our latest in ride-on toy-truck technology, the Vroom Vroom 9000?

Saleswoman: It’s a marvelous little machine, isn’t it? If you buy it with our discount card, it’s only $973, just for this weekend!
*Mike looks inspired.*

*Mike hops in the car and takes off.*
Mike: Don’t mind if I do!!
*The saleswoman turns, startled.*
Saleswoman: HEY, WAIT!!

*Mike drives down aisles of the store, looking determined.*
Mike (thinking): Where are you, Sandy..

Mike: Not here, either!
*Mike speeds around a corner, completely focused on his search. He nearly hits a girl walking past.*
Random girl: Yeek!!

*Mike spots the girl with black hair in the distance walking toward the exit.*
Mike: Oh no..!

Saleswoman: Somebody stop him!!
Random shopper: STOP THE CAR!! HEY!!
*Mike stares toward the door, looking serious.*
Mike: She’s leaving!

*Mike determinedly leaps from the still-moving car. It crashes behind him, offscreen. He slides down the handrail of the escalator, jumps off, and lands on the ground floor effortlessly.*

*Mike runs out the door.*
Mike: Sandy!

Author commentary

Veronica: Much more influence from the real landmark here.. you could go to a second floor via an escalator and there were sections of stuff.. it isn’t a complete recreation, but yeah. You can see my inspiration very clearly!

You can ALSO see a tribute to Jackie Lesnick’s “Girly” if you look hard enough!

Mike is quite an athletic guy. Look at all his tricks and stunts! Too fast to be asked to pay for damages!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

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Dragonuv3 March 30, 2010, 6:34 PM EDT.

Comment ID #2784

I see the referance to Girly it is in panel nine the two dolls on the top shelf are the main characters in that comic.

Phillip April 6, 2010, 9:05 PM EDT.

Comment ID #183640

you sure he isn’t a Russian blue? because the Russians used to train their special forces to do that stuff.

wolf1dude September 30, 2011, 4:14 AM EDT.

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