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*Tall buildings make up the city skyline.*
Mike: Maraschino.. it’s been a while.

*Mike and Lucy take in the sights.*
Mike: Wow..
Lucy: Ooh..

Mike: We need to find the parade.
*Lucy looks up at Mike.*
Lucy: Oh.. alright..

*Mike approaches a dog with a cap, backpack and sunglasses.*
Mike: Excuse me! Do you know where the parade is taking place?
Dog tourist: Do I ever!

[Caption: Later]
*Mike looks determined. Lucy has an uneasy expression.*
Mike: Okay, so one last right turn and we should be right about there..

*Mike and Lucy stand on an empty pier.*
Lucy: It’s a dock.

*Mike holds up an angry fist.*
Mike: Goddamn tourists.
*Lucy looks weary.*
Lucy: I should have guessed.

*Mike approaches a silhouetted figure, scowling.*
Mike: Okay, do YOU know where the parade is?
Conman: !

*The figure turns around with a suspicious smile. He’s a dog with a curly mustache and thick eyebrows, wearing a suit.*
Conman: … … Looking for deals, child?
*Mike freezes.*

Mike: Ahh.. no thanks.. I just wanna know which way to the para--
*Mike steps back, sweating.*
Conman: Well allow me to search my amazing inventory for the solution!

*Mike holds up his hands in protest.*
Mike: No! NO! I do not want to buy anything! I told you!!
Conman: Let’s see here.. boy, it’s your lucky day!

*Lucy raises an eyebrow.*
Lucy: Maybe we should buy a map.
Conman: Oh, I’ve something MUCH better, my dear!

*The conman holds up two different bags.*
Conman: A purse!
Conman: And a beauty kit!

Mike: But neither of those things are going to help us find the parade..
*The conman raises a finger.*
Conman: You can search in STYLE!

*Mike walks away, aggravated.*
Mike: We REALLY don’t have time for this.. Let’s go, Lucy.
*Lucy watches Mike with a neutral expression.*
Lucy: ’kay.
*The conman eyes up Lucy.*

*Mike and Lucy begin walking away.*

Conman: So which is it gonna be? They’re both affordably priced!
*Mike and Lucy stop and turn around. The conman is smiling.*

*Mike looks nervous, and they begin to run. The conman follows.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Aww man, poor Lucy. She doesn’t seem to react to large quantities of water immediately, even though it can take a lot out of her. Pretty sad Mike doesn’t even consider that!!

Maybe he’s as oblivious as the reader because the reader still doesn’t know why water is such a big deal to Lucy!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #127691

He is the textbook definition of “Guy can’t take a hint”. Good comic relief though, I kept grinning when I read this page.

SushiJaguar November 17, 2010, 8:55 AM EST.

Comment ID #232158

Ah… Creepy salesmen…. XD

Sylvin October 31, 2012, 7:46 AM EDT.

Comment ID #290897

Salesman:Come back! I want your money!

Sleppy Wolf December 4, 2014, 9:03 PM EST.

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