28. Feline Festivities, chapter posted 12/29/06

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Author commentary

Veronica: Mike is so CUUUTE. I’m surprised I haven’t made him wear his coat during the course of winter considering he’s painfully sensitive to the cold. He’s not a Lucy.

Also Yashy dropped her scarf in panel two.. and she went to pick it up later.. yeah. That’s the reason. Eeheh..

His eye is huge like XBox in panel 12. Wauughhh, oh well.

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Reader comments

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Comment ID #1362

Dig Mike’s coat and hat. What colors are they?

Kan March 14, 2010, 11:23 PM EST.

Comment ID #2994

Hat is a dark dark green, coat is a dark blue kind of like jeans! The little buttons on the coat are meant to be yellow.

Mike’s coat is actually drawn from a fanart, Lily is the one who designed it: http://BlinkAnjell01.deviantart.com/art/Autumn-Candies-Mixed-Nuts-38904338

Taeshi April 9, 2010, 5:22 AM EST.

Comment ID #3084

Taeshi, the link is broken… it links to the page as if it were a page on this site. Go ahead, try clicking it.

waffle911 April 9, 2010, 9:37 PM EST.

Comment ID #3088

Actually, now that I look at some others… EVERY link that gets posted in these comments is broken in the same way (it assumes that the link is to a file or section that exists on the same page it seems).

*fist to the face*

waffle911 April 9, 2010, 9:42 PM EST.

Comment ID #3107

Fixed manually! Sorry!

SuitCase April 9, 2010, 11:44 PM EST.

Comment ID #6376

guys…….all u had to do was press back when u r done no big deal yeesh

bored April 21, 2010, 3:50 AM EST.

Comment ID #24940

now bored has proven himself to be smarter than a *******

this guy May 21, 2010, 3:28 AM EST.

Comment ID #25265

yes but he isnt smarter then a 5th grader

Idiot May 21, 2010, 6:49 PM EST.

Comment ID #28603

Heh, you’re like Jeff Foxworthy. But your name is idiot. I’m so friggin’ hilarious.

That One Guy May 27, 2010, 12:43 AM EST.

Comment ID #61568

a waiting game .. not the nicest thing to be part of …

Hm July 20, 2010, 3:24 AM EST.

Comment ID #66862

yea so not late for me y don,t have a curfew

j the fourth July 29, 2010, 8:54 PM EST.

Comment ID #83468


charby_fan August 29, 2010, 3:36 AM EST.

Comment ID #83602

Amayaaaa :) You are so talented :D

sammy August 29, 2010, 12:14 PM EST.

Comment ID #84132

6 panels of genius!!!

Critic Criticism August 30, 2010, 5:39 PM EST.

Comment ID #112866

Ugh, Mike ol’ buddy, you’ve got to enjoy the now, and not waste time on something you don’t know is going to happen or not! Git up off yer ***, ya moron!

Sarge October 28, 2010, 12:33 AM EST.

Comment ID #123133

Only in my 3rd time reading I realized that the bowl next to Mike gets emptier with the passing of time!


Lyucs November 10, 2010, 8:50 PM EST.

Comment ID #127780

Slump Cat is slumping.

SushiJaguar November 17, 2010, 3:19 PM EST.

Comment ID #135735

Sue and Amaya on stage! That girl has some mad skills for never talking…

RubberBandBall December 8, 2010, 5:03 AM EST.

Comment ID #137799

I betcha $5 they’re playing the song “Tequila”.
Well, Taeshi? Amirite?

GoodBurger December 21, 2010, 5:56 AM EST.

Comment ID #138203


awesomeJez December 22, 2010, 11:27 PM EST.

Comment ID #138204


awesomeJez December 22, 2010, 11:28 PM EST.

Comment ID #138518

And I. The end like the cold grasp of death reality sets in

Godless December 24, 2010, 9:11 AM EST.

Comment ID #142138

What’s with those faces? Is my comment really that awkward?

GoodBurger January 16, 2011, 10:48 AM EST.

Comment ID #143621

Yes. ö

DFA January 25, 2011, 12:09 AM EST.

Comment ID #150480

Poor Mike. He should try to not put all of his attention to a girl that might show up. Have some fun ;)

blackmage March 6, 2011, 3:13 PM EST.

Comment ID #151138

What the hell was he expecting? I mean, come on, really?

Lastingimage March 10, 2011, 12:57 AM EST.

Comment ID #157812

This was posted on my birthday. :o

Tsuki April 21, 2011, 1:35 AM EST.

Comment ID #182392

In panel 15, if Daisy is asking Mike to dance, he should go and dance with her. :)

J Boy September 17, 2011, 6:54 PM EST.

Comment ID #209237

Did Mike drink that punch?

ema February 15, 2012, 5:11 PM EST.

Comment ID #229480

i love ho it´s just pass 7 and Mike says it´s late XD

Ake September 29, 2012, 4:17 PM EST.

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