28. Feline Festivities, original chapter posted 12/29/06

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Mike: Another Christmas without her..

*Mike walks outside as heavy snow falls. He looks sad. He’s wearing his striped scarf.*

*Mike sits down under a tree. A small pile of snow drops on his head.*

*Mike brushes the snow off.*
Mike: Always there to break my fall, huh?

*Mike sits still, looking gloomy.*

Sandy: You seem sad..
*Mike looks down.*
Mike: Yeah, no kidding.

Sandy: Want me to sit with you like I always used to, Maishul? ♥
*Mike’s eyes widen.*
Mike: !

*Sandy stands before him, leaning down and smiling.*

Sandy: Who says this Christmas will be without me?
*Mike sits up straight, looking shocked.*

*Mike, elated, grins widely.*
Mike: Sandy!!
Sandy: Keep wishing, Maishul.. Your dreams can come true..

*Mike smiles even wider and outstretches his arms.*
Mike: Just having you now is more than enough!

*Mike reaches for Sandy, but she moves away from his grasp.*
Mike: Eh?!
*Sandy smiles.*
Sandy: Oh, Maishul..

*Sandy is floating away into the sky.*
Sandy: Save it for when we truly meet..
*Mike, distressed, helplessly reaches for her.*
Mike: Sandy?! Wait!! SAN--

*Mike wakes up in his bed, surprised. He’s holding Blur.*
Mike: .. dy.
*Blur looks sleepy.*
Blur: Morning, hon.

*Blur smiles.*
Blur: Why the long face? Today’s the last day before winter break!
*Mike makes a grumpy face, realizing what’s happened.*

*Mike drops Blur and sits up on the bed.*
Mike: (sigh)
Blur: erk

*Blur lays upside-down on the floor, feathers ruffled.*
Blur: You’re excited too, huh?

Author commentary

Veronica: This was actually the first comic posted to the very earliest version of the BCB website. All the other chapters before this were posted exclusively to DeviantArt.

.. but of course that doesn’t matter now this chapter was entirely redrawn and exists on the proper website that started in 2009!!!! Dang!

Mike, perhaps it’s unusual for your girlfriend to be floating.. I think she needs to get something checked.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #19468

heh the characters keep getting better with this, and the plot continues without hitting it’s conclusion too soon, while still keeping it juicy enough to keep folks reading. It’s like reading a good novel haha.

Rue May 10, 2010, 12:48 PM EDT.

Comment ID #185855

First Lucy, and now Blur. Mike really needs to watch who he glomps in his [day]dreams.

Luigifan October 16, 2011, 8:10 PM EDT.

Comment ID #215858

Poor guy, it must be incredibly hard to be so attached to somebody. Not that it is particularly a bad thing, but it just must be difficult.

The Guy in the Background May 6, 2012, 10:10 PM EDT.

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