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*Paulo and Lucy smile at each other.*
Paulo: Been thinkin’ ’bout me again? ♥

*Lucy looks away nervously.*
Lucy: I.. I kind of.. I never gave you a proper thank you for that time back in the river..

*Mike looks back, noticing Paulo and Lucy.*
Mike: ?
*Lucy slowly reaches toward Paulo. Paulo looks at her blankly.*
Paulo: ??

*Paulo looks at Lucy, concerned.*
Paulo: ?
*Lucy blushes, looking shy.*
Lucy: Umm

*Lucy pulls Paulo into a hug.*
Lucy: T-thank you, Paulo..
*Paulo blushes, his eyes widening in shock.*
Paulo: Erghh?!

*Lucy holds tightly onto Paulo, her eyes closed.*
Lucy: You were brave enough to jump in and help us. You saved my life..
*Paulo blushes even more.*

*Paulo continues looking shocked. His hand hovers over Lucy’s shoulder.*
Paulo: It.. it’s okay.. Wow.. So this is what it feels like to hug you, huh?
Lucy: Relax, I’m not gonna hit you. This one’s a freebie.

*Paulo returns the hug, grinning with glee. Sparkles float around him.*
Paulo: Oh woww~ ♥
*Mike looks back, shocked.*

*Mike looks confused.*
Mike: Lucy? W--
*Paulo, still hugging Lucy, angrily shouts at Mike.*
*Lucy looks annoyed, but continues to hug him.*
Lucy: Don’t push it.

[Caption: Later]
*Paulo and Mike walk together in the hallway. Paulo looks blissful. Sparkles float around his face.*
[An arrow, pointed to Paulo: Cloud nine]
*Mike looks at him in disbelief.*
Mike: I never knew it was YOU who jumped in..

Mike: How come you never told me?!
*Paulo snaps out of his happy state, looking serious.*
Paulo: Well, I never wanted you to feel like you owed me or anything.

*Mike looks impressed.*
Mike: That’s really noble of you.
*Paulo smiles, putting a hand on his hip.*
Paulo: Oh, sure. It’s nothing.

*Paulo grins smugly.*
Paulo: All I needed was the satisfaction of knowing I’m better than you at climbing AND swimming.
*Mike looks up at him, annoyed.*

[Caption: The next day]
*Mike blasts through the swimming pool, an intense look on his face.*

*Paulo stands still in the water, his mouth hanging open.*
Gym teacher: Wow, Michael! That’s a new school record!

*Mike holds his hands behind his head and grins at Paulo. Daisy looks at Mike from afar, blushing.*
Mike: Heheh.
*Paulo looks angry.*
Paulo: Hey, what the hell!!

*Paulo points a finger at Mike, looking aggravated.*
Paulo: That’s not fair!! Why are you suddenly the greatest swimmer ever?!
*Mike looks smug.*
Mike: Oh, Paulo..

*Mike looks off with a meaningful smile.*
Mike: Let’s just say I’ve been motivated by someone very important to me.
Paulo: I just can’t win..
*Daisy sinks into the water, with a “blub blub”, still staring at Mike and looking flustered.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Aww, look at how Paulo almost cradles Lucy as he hugs her, swinging her from side to side a little bit! It’s very cute, I admit I always “feel” that hug when I see that panel, since he’s really grabbing onto her and swinging about.

Anyway, goodness, Mike. You can’t even give Paulo THAT. That being the ability to gloat about swimming.. so very competitive!

And now you all know! And I’m sure past chapters will make a ton more sense now!

Oliver: Boys will be boys.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #13604

as davie would say, owned, son

Austin Smith May 2, 2010, 10:21 PM EDT.

Comment ID #63739

BWAHAHA! Epic win Mike!

Skykitsune July 24, 2010, 9:29 PM EDT.

Comment ID #204051

man 8-) just cant win anymore

NinjaMan1 December 31, 2011, 6:37 PM EST.

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