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[Caption: Gym]
*Lucy and Daisy sit on the ground. Students gather behind them.*
Gym teacher: Okay, everybody..

*The gym teacher paces in the front of the class.*
Gym teacher: Since it’s the beginning of a new semester, we’re trying something very different today..

*The gym teacher turns to face the students.*
Gym teacher: That’s right, kids. You’re going swimming.

*Tess clutches her necklace.*
Tess: Ugh..
*Paulo cheers and pumps his fist.*
Paulo: WHOO HOO!!
Students: Yay! Ughh! Really?

*Tess raises her hand, smiling nervously.*
Tess: Hey, teach! Maybe some of us could choose an alternative activity?
*The gym teacher smiles back at her.*
Gym teacher: Oh, right! I thought somebody might ask that!

*The gym teacher scowls.*
Gym teacher: No alternative activities.
*Tess shudders.*
Tess: Aww..

Gym teacher: Oh, and Lucy, you’re excused. Room 104 until the end of the marking period, okay?
*Lucy’s eyes widen.*
Lucy: Oh!

Lucy: S-sure..
*Lucy frowns awkwardly. Tess and Abbey look at her curiously.*
Abbey: ..?

[Caption: Later]
Gym teacher: Remember, kids, at the shallow end it’s only four feet deep..

*Tess whispers to Mike.*
Tess: Pssst..
Mike: Hmm?

Tess: How’d Lucy get out of this? Seriously, what’s the trick?

*Mike looks away, weary.*
Tess: .. Mike?

Mike: It’s not much of a trick..
*Tess looks concerned.*
Tess: ..?

*Mike frowns.*
Mike: She’s just deathly afraid of the water. All because of something I did a long time ago.

*Tess looks startled.*
Tess: ..?

*Tess clenches her fists and hysterically shouts at Mike.*
Tess: You tried to DROWN LUCY?!?!
*Mike blushes, looking surprised.*

*The entire class stares at Mike with judgmental expressions.*
Mike: !

*Paulo angrily points at Mike.*
Paulo: Yo, just because you can’t have her doesn’t mean none of us can!
*Mike, humiliated, covers his face with his hands.*
Mike: Guh.. it’s not that!
*David angrily waves his arm at Mike.*
David: Cheater!

Author commentary

Veronica: Oh man, it’s about time!

So what IS up with Lucy’s fear of water?

All those questions finally answered in THIS chapter!

This chapter went through multiple rewrites.. I drew an older version of this story, but never found the time to post it on DeviantArt.. and so much time passed that I forgot about it to the point that the comic became outdated and if I wanted to post it, I would have had to draw it all over again.

Anyway, not only did it get rewritten considerably then, but it got rewritten AGAIN during the Omnibus NOW! Here is the best version of this flashback!

I really love the conclusion Tess jumps to, sometimes I forget I wrote that and when rereading it, it takes me by surprise. I mean, not a ridiculous theory!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Hey! David! That’s you’re que to shout out AWK-WARD!

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