38. Rising Temperature, original chapter posted 5/27/07

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*Birds fly through a cloudy sky.*

*Mike lies back against a tree trunk, wearily watching a leaf float by on the wind.*

*Mike sits up, a sad look on his face, as the leaves flutter down around him.*

*Mike gazes sadly around the empty park.*

*Mike continues to look around the park.*

*Daisy walks by quickly. She passes by Mike without seeing him.*

*Mike is startled. His ears perk up.*
Mike: ..!!

Mike: DAISY!!
*Daisy stops walking, an irritated look on her face.*
Daisy: ?!

*Daisy turns around.*
Daisy: Hi th-- AAHHH!!
*Daisy jumps, clasping her hands to her chest in surprise when Mike zips up to her and waves. Mike smiles awkwardly.*
Mike: Hi!

*Mike blushes and smiles shyly.*
Mike: Um.. are you heading home?
*Daisy pouts, confused. She begins to blush.*
Daisy: Yeah?
Mike: Can I walk you?
Daisy: .. Why?

*Mike smiles, embarrassed. His ears are down and he taps his fingertips together nervously.*
Mike: I wanted to make up for not spending as much time with you as I should have been.

*Daisy’s eyes go wide in shock.*
Daisy: !

*Mike slumps forward. He looks to the side.*
Mike: Daisy.. I’m really sorry. I’ve been a pretty crappy friend to you lately. You’ve been so distant..

*Mike sighs, rocking back on his heels and holding his hands behind his head. Daisy watches him with wide eyes, a hand at her chest.*
Mike: And I’ve just been so absorbed in my own stuff I took way too long to notice it.

*Daisy clasps her hands in front of herself and looks sweetly at Mike.*
Daisy: Oh, Mikie.. You don’t have to apologize..
*Mike glances at her, unsure.*
Mike: You sure?

*Daisy beams at Mike.*
Daisy: .. but I’ll take you up on that walk!
*Mike makes a victorious gesture, leaning in with enthusiasm.*
Mike: Great!

*Daisy looks away demurely.*
Daisy: We can take the path through the park~ ♥

*Daisy blushes happily, hands still clasped together while Mike walks by Daisy’s side, humming.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Mike is a genuinely nice person capable of goodness. He’s just an oblivious idiot sometimes, getting carried away in his own dramas. Abbey spoke a lot of sense back there to make Mike conscious about how he’s just not interested in Daisy’s feelings, but Mike isn’t a horrible person.. nor is Abbey.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #19495

Awww, how sweet.

Dude, Mike is seriously a chick magnet. All that’s left is to have Tess and Sue join his harem. |D

Lighthawke May 10, 2010, 1:31 PM EDT.

Comment ID #64323

About time! Seems Abbey, in a sense, knocked some sense into Mike. ô.ô’ That just sounds weird… Hope everything goes well!

Skykitsune July 25, 2010, 11:53 PM EDT.

Comment ID #168532

Mike….is adorable in panel 16 <3

Milos June 22, 2011, 1:55 PM EDT.

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