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*Paulo and Mike sit at the lunch table. Paulo stares at Mike, horrified.*

*Mike takes a bite of his sandwich. Paulo tweaks Mike’s ear, growling.*
Mike: It’s not a real date! And what do YOU care?!
Paulo: You goddamn cheater!

*Mike glares angrily at Paulo, ears back.*
Mike: I am NOT cheating!
*Paulo glares furiously in return.*
Paulo: I should get you neutered! You’ll RUIN her!

*Mike snickers. He glances back and puts a hand up to his mouth.*
Mike: Ruin her for who..? I wonder if Tess would be interested in your concern..
*Paulo’s eyes go wide.*

*Paulo slams Mike’s head into the table.*
Paulo: SHUTTUP!!
*Daisy appears, worried for Mike.*
Daisy: Mikie!

*Daisy attends to Mike, who is stunned and foaming at the mouth.*
Daisy: Oh no.. are you okay?
Mike: Glugg..
*Paulo keeps yelling, angrily glaring at Mike.*
Paulo: HE shouldn’t be taking you out on a date!

*Daisy glares back, her ears down.*
Daisy: Oh, put a sock in it! You never cared about me before, you don’t have to pretend now!

*Paulo stares at Daisy in shock.*
Paulo: ..!
*Daisy goes back to cradling Mike. She looks at him worriedly.*

*Tess walks up to the lunch table and nudges Paulo in the back. She smiles mischievously at him.*
Tess: Heeey cutie! ♥
*Paulo glances backward, blushing.*
Paulo: !!

*Tess smiles at Paulo and touches his face. Sparkles and hearts float around the pair.*
Tess: Ready for tonight?
*Paulo grins happily, clenching his fists in anticipation.*
Paulo: Am I ever! ♥

*Paulo looks away, puts his hands behind his head and pouts.*
Paulo: Suits are so dinky, though..
*Tess grins enthusiastically, her hands clasped together.*
Tess: You can be my penguin!

*Abbey and Lucy sit at the lunch table, watching everything unfold. Abbey slumps against the table, resting his head on his hand. Lucy glances at him.*
Lucy: At least one of us has to be depressed at any given time, huh?
*Abbey frowns.*
Abbey: I’m sorry.

*Abbey looks down, wearily.*
Abbey: How can I criticize others when I couldn’t even cheer Daisy up myself? It’s like she didn’t even need my help..

*Lucy looks away.*
Lucy: I wouldn’t be so sure about that.
*Abbey turns to her in surprise.*
Abbey: ..?

*Lucy tilts her head and looks at Abbey, raising an eyebrow.*
Lucy: I saw her at the mall yesterday. She was talking with that weird older kid. Maybe it’s no coincidence she’s gone and planned some big night with Mike.

*Abbey stares at Lucy, frozen in horror. Beyond him, the bell rings.*

*Abbey spins around to look for Daisy but only sees empty chairs. Students chatter in the background.*
Abbey: Daisy!!

*Abbey gazes into the distance, terrified.*
*Lucy looks thoughtful.*
Lucy: Then again, coulda just been another coat-wearin’ weirdo.

Author commentary

Veronica: EYYYYYYYY, LOVE MY WAY!!!! A very good “final” chapter of Volume One (Even though, I know, Summer Vacation comes after it, but Summer Vacation kinda stands on its own, don’t you think? I always felt that way, honestly.. like some sorta OVA after a season finale.)

Strap yourselves in for some chaos!!!!!

It was around this time in the original version that I really wanted to accentuate Daisy’s curls more. I noticed that a lot of the characters when drawn in black-and-white looked very samey, so I started trying to differentiate them visually.

Oliver: Lucy’s aloofness is a bit of a subtle joke here.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #22768

The rabies must trigger his temptation to cheat…

Cuddle Bear May 17, 2010, 12:32 AM EDT.

Comment ID #128572

Lots of Mike bashing here. Paulo can really vent when he wants to. But Daisy got him good! *whipcrack*

SushiJaguar November 18, 2010, 12:00 AM EST.

Comment ID #139005

Love how Paulo and Tess interact! And Abbey’s face in the last panel is hilarious! Lucy’s comment is also rather accurate.
…Then again, anyone who’s read at least a majority of the comic would realize that.

CuboneGirl13 December 26, 2010, 7:37 PM EST.

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