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*Daisy and Augustus stand on opposite sides of the column.*
Augustus: I’ve told you what you can do. Why keep holding yourself back?

*Daisy gazes at the ground, depressed.*
Daisy: I.. It feels wrong.. I shouldn’t..
*Augustus peers back over his shoulder at Daisy.*
Augustus: Who are you looking out for?

*Daisy glances backward toward Augustus. Augustus looks into the distance again, a neutral expression on his face.*
Augustus: That other girl? What’s she got that you don’t? She’s not even here!

*Augustus looks over his shoulder at Daisy.*
Augustus: Don’t you think it’s finally time to take a chance? After all these years?
Daisy: He won’t care..

Augustus: Why not? Have you ever actually asked?
*Daisy frowns and closes her eyes. She pictures Lucy looking bashfully over her shoulder.*
Daisy: Well, before Sandy, there was always someone else..

Augustus: That’s not fair, is it? Isn’t it starting to feel like YOU’RE the one who’s been cheated?
*Daisy looks down, her face in shadow. She clenches her teeth and sighs.*

*Augustus looks away.*
Augustus: These long-distance things never last. You’d just be speeding up the inevitable.
Daisy: If that ever happened, he’d just go back to Lucy..

*Daisy frowns and stares spitefully at the ground in front of her.*
Daisy: .. even if Lucy’s never wanted anything serious with him.. Ugh, why does he spend all his time fawning over these stupid girls?!

*The scene transitions to Daisy’s memory of Sandy and Mike. Daisy watches Sandy smile, hug and kiss Mike on the cheek. Mike blushes and scratches the back of his head. Hearts appear above him.*
Daisy (narrating): Why have I always had to watch him do it? Mikie even took Sandy from me when she was MY best friend!
Daisy: ?

*Daisy recalls a young Mike standing near an irritated Lucy, who’s scowling at him. Mike smiles kindly, his eyes on Lucy. Behind him, Daisy waves her arms for attention with a frantic expression.*
Daisy (thinking): When she left, that should have been my chance.. But then it was Lucy..

*Daisy grits her teeth, shaking a little.*
Daisy: I never GOT my chance.. and now Sandy’s back in the picture, I never will. It’s not fair! It’s just not fair!

*Augustus glances over his shoulder dismissively.*
Augustus: Why do you always have to be the loser? These other girls never waited their turn. Nothing’s stopping you now.
*Daisy’s eyes open wide in surprise.*
Daisy: ..!

*Augustus folds his arms across his chest as he leans against the column. On the other side of the column, Daisy slouches, looking down.*
Augustus: You’ve always wanted to be the kind of confident, attractive girl that gets what she wants. The way you’ve talked about Tessa makes it obvious enough.

*Augustus gazes calmly into the distance.*
Augustus: Just accept what you’ve been aching to be, Daisy.
Daisy: Mm..

Daisy: So what’s the plan?
*Augustus turns his head, startled. His hair flops over one eye, hiding it.*
Augustus: Huh?

*Daisy stands and stares at him. Her ears are down and her shoulders are stiff. Augustus frowns in surprise.*

*Daisy glares angrily.*
Daisy: Sandy doesn’t deserve him.

*Augustus looks down at her, concern in his eyes.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Damn Augustus you’re convincing ME!!!!!!

He’s really on the ball!

Oliver: Time to KILL SANDY.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #94334

poor Sandy. getting all this grief just because her man still sticks by her.

hmmm… if Sandy hadn’t moved, Lucy would probably hooked up with Paulo, and Daisy probably would have either found a new man, or still been following Mike around like a lost puppy.

Dammit Sandy!

DanielJ September 22, 2010, 12:26 AM EDT.

Comment ID #99282

Sooo… She lost her best friend… Because her crush fell in love with her friend..? Ouch. And then back to Lucy. O_o It’s like a drama ping-pong! Aaggh!

(New here, LOVE this comic ^^)

PotatoMuffin October 2, 2010, 11:38 AM EDT.

Comment ID #266545

It almost looks like he just wanted to see how long it would take before she cracked.

meep November 19, 2013, 8:29 PM EST.

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