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*Abbey, Paulo and Mike walk to Abbey’s house.*

*Abbey, Paulo and Mike walk up a neatly landscaped front path.*
Abbey: Well.. Here we are.
Mike: Ooh!

*Abbey fumbles with his keys.*

*Abbey opens the front door wide and walks into the house. Mike and Paulo follow close behind.*
Abbey: I’m hoooome!!

*Kevin smiles pleasantly at Abbey as he loosens his tie.*
Kevin: Hello, Abbey! Just got back from work myself!
*Abbey smiles back.*
Abbey: Hi, Kevin.
Kevin: Who are your friends?

Abbey: Oh.. this is Paulo and Michael! I’m helping Paulo with an essay today.
Kevin: Hello!
*Mike smiles, waving hesitantly.*
Paulo: .. Hi.
*Paulo frowns, deep in thought.*
Paulo (thinking): Kevin?

*Janet comes down the stairs. Kevin glances over and smiles at her.*
Janet: Is that Abbey I hear?
Kevin: Yes, honey! He just came in with some friends!

*Janet smiles cheerfully at Abbey as she enters the room. Her ears flop forward conspicuously.*
Janet: Hi, Abbey! How was your day, sweetie?

Abbey: Fine as always! Let me introduce you to Paulo and Michael..
Janet: Hello, you two!
*Mike smiles nervously.*
Mike: Oh..! Hi!
*Paulo stares at Janet in confusion.*
Paulo (thinking): Eh?!

*Janet smiles affectionately at Abbey. Abbey relaxes.*
Janet: So you’re helping with some homework? That’s nice of you!
Abbey: It’s really nothing.

*Janet grins.*
Janet: Well, I only just put cookies in the oven.. So I guess you’ll have to share whatever comes out!
*Abbey laughs a little.*
Abbey: Haha, not like you don’t usually make extra anyway..

*Janet turns to go to the kitchen. Abbey waves as she leaves, smiling. Behind him, Paulo and Mike stare, still confused.*
Janet: I’ll go check on them now!
Abbey: Remember the oven mitt!

*Kevin smiles pleasantly at Abbey.*
Kevin: I was about to head up and change clothes. Should I take your book bag?

*Abbey smiles at Kevin, looking a bit nervous.*
Abbey: Oh, thanks, but I gotta get a few things from my room anyway. I’ll come up myself.
Kevin: Alright!

*Abbey turns to Paulo and Mike. Paulo still looks confused. Mike smiles brightly at Abbey.*
Abbey: I won’t be long. See you in the kitchen in a couple minutes, okay? Janet’s in there with the cookies.
Mike: Okay!

*Paulo and Mike watch Abbey go upstairs. Paulo looks lost. Mike smiles.*
Mike: Well, they seem really nice.

*Mike notices Paulo staring and glances at him with a curious expression.*
Paulo and Mike:

*Paulo frowns.*
Paulo: How’d she have him when cats and dogs can’t have babi--
*Mike scowls at Paulo, narrow-eyed and irritated.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Kevin kept giving me Lackadaisy vibes when I first designed him.. I SERIOUSLY WASN’T INTENDING FOR THAT if anyone thinks that way.. he’s just a weird cat leave me alone ;__;

When I initially introduced this storyline of Abbey’s, I mistakenly wrote that Kevin and Janet were Abbey’s “foster parents”? For, what, four freaken years? Is that possible?! Either way, that sounds like a temporary assignment when I didn’t intend for it to be that way! So it’s been rewritten for Abbey to be full-on adopted by them! They’re his parents!

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Reader comments

Comment ID #1039

I think Paulo needs the talk

Palgo March 7, 2010, 5:21 PM EST.

Comment ID #2495

I think Paulo needs the other talk

waffle911 April 4, 2010, 8:22 AM EDT.

Comment ID #128561

Well. Now we see why Abbey’s a bit full of anger. He’s obviously stressed out. Oh well, dude’s probably got over it by now.

I forsee Paulo bringing it up in a really insensitive way.


SushiJaguar November 17, 2010, 11:47 PM EST.

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