After You — Page 12

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Veronica: Why would Paulo be threatened by Abbey??? I mean, have you SEEN him?? Hahahah.. hah.. hahah.. :(

Oliver: Good work Britain. We at BCB will be taking full responsibility

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Tumblr image
Romance is gray: this is my Bittersweet Candy Bowl fan art piece/original illustration in my cerebus/Mirage-TMNT indie comic inspired visual style with my Cartoon Disney Manga/Anime Realistic-comic graphic anatomy style, the first image of romance is gray is a Cerebus inspired black and white indie comic visual picture of my BCB illustration, the second image of romance is gray is a Mirage-TMNT inspired sepia visual picture with character color highlights, the third image of Romance is Gray is my Monochromatic grayscale filtered visual picture of my BCB illustration in ink and watercolor, and the fourth image of Romance is Gray is a full color ink and watercolor visual picture of my BCB illustration, Mike the Gray cat is heartbroken by the sight of his childhood friend/love interest, Lucy the white cat, dating Paulo the Somali cat about to share a beautiful kiss in the […]

Tumblr: bartoonist June 9, 2017

Tumblr image

Tumblr: pidgeon-arts June 9, 2017

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