After You — Page 23

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Veronica: hahahahahahahahaha

this turned out NOT AT ALL how paulo wanted it to

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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ok lucy is my favorite but if she didnt feel that way about paulo then WHY DID SHE GO ON A DATE WITH HIM…… yr just using him again???? i guess???? thats really freaking shitty

Tumblr: miaaa-cs July 7, 2017

Whenever it came to Lucy, Paulo was always so pushy??? When Lucy was gone Paulo already decided for BOTH of them that they would be together.
I’ve always felt that Paulo could never really see Lucy for who she was, he had an image of how he wanted to see her in his head. When you go back to a piece of cake, all his thoughts are of a submissive, soft, and kind Lucy.
Lucy has a good heart but its really hard for her when it comes to romantic relationships or showing how much she cares.
It also upsets me that paulo pushed lucy into yelling at him. Lucy said no but he wouldn’t leave her alone. Don’t get me wrong I know paulo cares about lucy but he doesn’t really understand what she went through??? He isn’t thinking about her recovering, he’s thinking about the distant future, a fantasy he’s made for himself.
Like don’t get me […]

Tumblr: spiderman July 7, 2017

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