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Veronica: Khao Manee are believed to be lucky cats because of their odd-colour eyes, but it was admittedly a weird thing for Paulo to outright say because isn’t he technically stereotyping a race or something........

kind of.... bizarre

Oliver: We met the Kickstarter goal in five days! Thank you so so so much! But in the process... we ran out of rewards with Lucy figurines.

After frantically following up on an old conversation with a guy who bought a bunch of them at a yard sale after half the production run was left behind in an apartment years ago (it is a very long story...) we have arranged the return of ONE FINAL BATCH, now on sale in the new Platinum Edition! Go read the details on Kickstarter and be quick if you want your own resin cat!

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the perfect way this goes is jordan admits he IS bi but isnt into paulo

Tumblr: miaaa-cs November 3, 2018

Posted imagePosted imagePosted imageTake a guess which requests I put forward during the drawstream from last weekend? If you guessed “The one’s with Sue” you…be…right…..
I was coming up short of ideas this time (for a lack of writing things down!!!), I had planned for a few Jessica pictures, but I forgot what those were exactly during the leadup and I found myself locked out of my patreon due to a mishap with 2FA until the night before. Going over the Sue megapost again, I thought up a cute ‘what-if scenario’ where Sue […]

Tumblr: lacktastrophe November 1, 2018

Is he…Is he flirting with him?

Tumblr: touchfeeltastelove November 1, 2018

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