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hey, it’s the girl on the cover of that new @bittersweetcandybowl book!!

Tumblr: jeicob-evurrist November 28, 2018

As a gay-leaning bi person, this page speaks to me a lot. Whenever I’ve thought about the idea of seriously getting a boyfriend, I’ve only ever been met with the terror of knowing that unless I go through dating sites or clubs (where I’ll probably find people looking for the wrong kind of relationship), getting someone who likes me feels like looking for a four leaf clover that’s been struck 7 times by lightning - so rare that I think I’d like just about anyone back. I’ve had plenty of crushes already where I knew they weren’t gay, which feels so much more fundamental than a girl simply not returning your feelings - they can’t even conceive of being with you, it’s outside of the realm of possibility entirely.
Because of my extremely introverted nature and mormon upbringing I didn’t really […]

Tumblr: conscious-code November 29, 2018

lucy x augustus is my fav For Sure. im such a sucker for like… their whole entire dynamic actuallylike the constant teasing is So Good but the fact that they care deeply about each other under all the teasing is EVEN BETTER and the fact that they trust each other so much… so GOOD… Lucy getting Augustus out of a bad home situation…… Augustus saving Lucy’s life………. them just opening up to each other so quickly…… Lucy still making sure to set boundaries around Daisy w/ him….. IT’S JUST ALL SO GOOD! GIMME A LOVING AND TRUSTING RELATIONSHIP BUT WITH FUN TEASING AND RIBBING ON TOP AND I DIE

Tumblr: bramblepaws November 29, 2018

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