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Veronica: Oh.. oh dear.. oh no…

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Oh dear


Comment ID #18911

That poor girl, those weebs will suffer for this!


Comment ID #18912

They won't. Toxic dweebs never get turned away. Their echo chambers are big enough that they never face opposition, reasoned or otherwise, to the actions they take. So others suffer from their demands, including those who would otherwise be their allies. This girl knew the film schedule better than the echo chamber did. But instead of joining a welcoming crowd that loves good anime, she is forced to put up with the pure and righteous and will end up online with a talkbox spitting out the exact same venom. Imagine the stories she could tell if she found support. She won't. Not today.

Dave Ostroske  

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Aeryn Monet  

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Comment ID #18915

Open mouth, insert foot


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Michelle M.  

Comment ID #18917

OHHH NOOOOOOO poor girl ;____; it sucks that the sub fans did that just because they didn't pay attention that they got tickets for the dub


Comment ID #18918

I‘m Paulo in the last panel DD: this poor girl…


Comment ID #18919

oh no 8[


Comment ID #18920

I feel for this poor girl because it’s happened to me twice. Luckily the theater was nice about it and gave me extra tickets and such but it’s so frustrating feeling like you’re “broken” or “dumb” for not being able to read like everyone else and suffering because you don’t want to ruin everyone else’s fun.


Comment ID #18921

Me too! I used to really struggle with the subs because it was so hard for me to read i would get maybe two or three words out of one sentence and that was it ☹️

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #18922

I'm SO sorry~!!! I ESPECIALLY hate the hurtful comments that are like "Stop being LAZY". (╥﹏╥)


Comment ID #18923

this poor kid omg ☹️ I know the nerds didn't do this on purpose but we all know how little most nerd communities care about accessibility... ugh


Comment ID #18924

poor baby nooooo D:>


Comment ID #18925


Airy Frith  

Comment ID #18926

Always something ain't it


Comment ID #18927

She is so cute, I love her design! I hope she can get a ticket refund...


Comment ID #18928

That's the one thing I hate about self entitled fans. They complain that they didn't get what they were paying for but in fact did pay for it but are too stupid to even check if it's what they want, then go and demand with a mob to have something replaced with the original. There are people out there that want to watch anime or anime movies dubbed so they don't have to hurt their eyes trying to read what they say and ones like this girl who has this disability jumble up all the worlds so they can't understand it. If these stupid self entitled fans want to watch eng subbing of the anime movie or anime in general than just stay at home and look for it online on streaming platforms or anime sites and don't drag innocents who want to watch the dub to see how the English voice actors do compared to their Japanese counterparts or want to watch it because they can't read the subtitles because of dyslexia.

Zachary Edge  

Comment ID #18929

^ So much this. I don’t even have anything more to say on that. If you want the subs, go watch it at home, baka!

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #18930

‘Ey the strips on her cheeks went poof when she sat up lol


Comment ID #18931

As someone with dyslexia. This cuts deep and is the main reason why I don’t watch sub. I feel for you kiddo

Ginger Shark  

Comment ID #18932

Paulo's progressive face of doom mirroring David's at the beginning of the chapter LMAO


Comment ID #18933

And who says movie dates suck since you can't talk

Red Marine  

Comment ID #18934

As someone who can't watch subbed anime anymore because it gives me massive headaches from eye strain: I can relate.


Comment ID #18935

😐…😭 oh just broke my heart. If I were Paulo I’d read the subtitles obnoxiously loud.


Comment ID #18936

Yeah, I have vision problems so I have massive problems with subs these days.

Opus the Poet  

Comment ID #18937

This is where the 4 of you go and complain to the poor beleaguered manager (Amaya’s dad) and say you actually did pay for the dub and you’re sorry these dimwits were too stupid to check their tickets, but.. could we, like, get a dub showing -at some point-?

Leroy Fontaine  

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