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Veronica: I love how Daisy’s so angry about rules and impoliteness, I’m exactly the same. I always wanna punch people who talk loudly during a movie. SHUT UP!!!!!! It’s so DISTRACTING!!

I become fixated on the offending party when it happens, like I can’t stop noticing them talking or making noise and it makes me wanna scream. I know that’s more of a me problem but WHATEVER anyway I feel you daisy

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #18744

He's going to beat up the guy that gave him the ticket.


Comment ID #18745

Don't do it, please no

Said VF  

Comment ID #18746

Daisy is *pissed*


Comment ID #18747

Oh no... watching a movie with weebs. How obnoxious


Comment ID #18748

Idk how or why, but I knew that disgruntled sound was because it was Dub ??????

Aesthete Noire  

Comment ID #18749

It appears talking during a movie is Daisy's berserk button


Comment ID #18750

And here's comes the riot.


Comment ID #18751

That's crazy to me that people wouldn't realize that until the movie starts?? Like isn't it printed on the ticket which one it is?? Wack weebs


Comment ID #18752

Idk how or why, but I knew that disgruntled sound was because it was Dub 🤣🤣🤣

Aesthete Noire  

Comment ID #18753

I’m going to love it if everyone leaves except Paulo and Daisy…all alone in the theater

Audrey Wilson  

Comment ID #18754

Yes good....everyone leave.... Paulo and Daisy private screening

Aussie Armstrong  

Comment ID #18755

If David snuck into the back and changed it to try and make everyone else leave, that would be fantastic


Comment ID #18756

Hahaha I feel the same, it's nit the same as the OG voices but damn I don't wanna spend my time reading what they are saying.


Comment ID #18757

i love this page so much lmao this is such a cute moment familiar to probably anyone (especially teens) who ever attended a nerdy public screening event, even at cons or w/e

Lily Hoyda  

Comment ID #18758

I feel like all this setup is going to happen for them to have a lovely romantic time and then the ship is just gonna sink


Comment ID #18759

I had a similar experience at a showing recently, with the difference being the „AUUUGGGGHH“ moment lasting only a few seconds because it was just a trailer for the series Blu-ray for the movie‘s anime that was showing (Konosuba). Guys couldn‘t even handle hearing the MC talk a few seconds in German :D. I‘m 100% Daisy in this situation


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