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Veronica: Daisy’s like “is this too much… am i coming on too strong…”

I think you’d need to hit Paulo with a sledgehammer for him to even understand a little bit.

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Oof, did she think it was a date?

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #18599

😭 hello... also Daisy's outfit is SO cute omg


Comment ID #18600

Daisy: It’s a scary movie, he’ll get nightmares like last time.

Paulo: Oh.

David: But I love getting nightmares, especially the ones where I’m getting chased by this guy in a striped sweatshirt with big claws.

Paulo & Daisy: O_O


Comment ID #18601

Oh no, boys... Thank you for the page, my birthday has been blessed by a very cute Daisy 💕


Comment ID #18602

happy birthday!!! 🎉


Comment ID #18603


Oh noooo

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Comment ID #18604

Yeah Daisy, why wouldn’t he come? Who else is gonna play wingman for you and Paulo?


Comment ID #18605

Someone as boy-crazy as Daisy definitely was hoping that Paulo was asking her out, lol. She looks so disappointed on the last panel ;-;

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #18606

Aawee daissyyyy :ccc poor bb she thought it was a date :-: (tbh I do ship Paulo and daisy♡ tho)

Sky TheTiny'mhytee  

Comment ID #18607


Kash Bran  

Comment ID #18608

Yikes. Thought it was a date

Aesthete Noire  

Comment ID #18609

I love her outfit 😭


Comment ID #18610

Oh Paulo…


Comment ID #18611


David B.  

Comment ID #18612

Omg poor Daisy she's too cute. ;w; she dressed up and everything

Aussie Armstrong  

Comment ID #18613

HA! Paulo-blocked.

Samuel C Cooke  

Comment ID #18614

daisy is bcb's real fashion icon


Comment ID #18615

Looks like someone was hoping it was a date.

Megan Wood  

Comment ID #18616

oh GODDDDDDDDDDDD is this chapter gonna hurt


Comment ID #18617

I guess its one of those "bros before....well....you know what I mean" moments 🤣 (Daisy stylin with that dress though)

Demetrius S.  

Comment ID #18618

Love her outfit I want it. Paulo..... PAULO open your eyes wider and see what's in front of you.... or just go poly since David is basically your boo as well lol


Comment ID #18619

Oh shoot she thought it was a date!! Im excited to see how this chapter plays out!

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #18620

Love Daisy’s outfit.

Paulo accidentally friendzoning Daisy lol.

Tbh for Abbey’s sake I hope they don’t try to get together until they’re out of high school, with Abbey still around he’d probably feel vindicated about the chokeslam…

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #18621

I hope David works his magic or something to help them out, otherwise Paulo's car suddenly has a 3rd wheel.

Ashura Atsu  

Comment ID #18622

Oh no! I feel bad for her. She thought he was asking her on a date...


Comment ID #18623

Poor Daisy :(


Comment ID #18624

I like how Paulo is defensive of David there, as oblivious as he is.

Paulo: dude don't be mean he is my best bro >:( >:(


Comment ID #18625

"You can actually pinpoint the second when [her] heart rips in half"


Comment ID #18626

"Oh shoot, I forgot to say I wanted you to myself, Paaaauluwu...."


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