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Veronica: Imagine walking out of a movie theatre! You paid the money! You have to watch the movie otherwise it’s a waste of money!!! That’s my poverty brain right there, even if the movie blows. I must watch it the whole way.

Oliver: Fall asleep? Sure. Walk out like you’ve got something better to do? Get real.

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #18765

"Two best friends in a room. They might kiss" kinda vibes.


Comment ID #18766

Random Girl: Make me!

Paulo: Help! Usher! Usher! This nerd’s annoying me!

Random Girl: Uh-oh!

Usher: All right, you masher! Out you go!


Comment ID #18767

Abraham Lincoln was right; Nerds ruin everything


Comment ID #18768

Oh no I’m already ready to be very annoyed at whatever this persons going to have to say


Comment ID #18769

The pacing is driving me crazy 🥺

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #18770

The angry fans proving more annoying than the bad dub. I've honestly never gone to a dub premiere, does this really happen?! I've only gone to sub shows or patiently wait until it's released on another medium.

Ashura Atsu  

Comment ID #18771

Only ever been to one showing that was dub... the theater was mostly empty but all the people there enjoyed themselves.


Comment ID #18772

I prefer the dub, people forget that some extra jokes and direction is added when things are dubbed. Especially with older anime, it’s an art form. Subs also can sometimes be wrong, the sub for the Demon Slayer movie had a few flubs and mistakes in the subbing.


Comment ID #18773

I love it when people are so obsessed with something that a slight edit to it is an affront to God to them

Red Marine  

Comment ID #18774

These kids are a NIGHTMARE I remember those days ;-;


Comment ID #18775

Watch Paulo and Daisy get kicked out of the theatre because they snap and yell at the others to leave


Comment ID #18776

I just want Paulo and Daisy to have a nice time together (and also DavidxDaisy) and now these nerds are going to get the entire theater kicked out


Comment ID #18777

bro I'd be screaming at this point


Comment ID #18778

Who the hell stands up to angrily address a movie theatre in the middle of the movie??!!?!?! Get over yourself, gurl!

Leroy Fontaine  

Comment ID #18779

She could be theater management.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #18780

She don't dress as one lol


Comment ID #18781

hope this char can be my new problematic fav

Katherine Carpenter  

Comment ID #18782

there are people out there who are actually like this? :O


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