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Veronica: Paulo basically being what Daisy wishes she could be. I was originally planning to have Paulo say “nobody cares what you think!!” which really tickles me, so freaken rude. So in your face. Just the way Daisy likes it… sometimes. Maybe towards people she thinks deserve it.

So many people walked out! yayyy i don’t have to draw so many creatures

Oliver: It’s their right as consumers!

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #18794

Ohh these nerds are insufferable


Comment ID #18795

Lmao, absolutely loving the entitled nerd energy. Delightful!

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #18796

I know how Paulo & Daisy feel right now, anime fans can be really picky.


Comment ID #18797

Why do I feel like this is all Davids fault?

Caroline Rhea  

Comment ID #18798

It probably is.


Comment ID #18799

They won't even be able to enjoy the movie now cus they are plboth pissed


Comment ID #18800

"Anime was a mistake" - Hayao Miyazaki, maybe

Jim Avery  

Comment ID #18801

oh my god


Comment ID #18802

I know this must suck for them but am i the only one who thinks paulo and daisy looks so cute all angry

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #18803

Ok so that is bad on the movie theater's part not to print which version on the tickets BUT if that's the case you really need to specify which version you want. Man I would have been equally as mad as Paulo but held it in like Daisy lmao


Comment ID #18804

A small shoutout to Whatsername for reading the audience (jeez) and moving them to change the show. Dunno if they'll succeed; there may be contract issues preventing the theater from switching to the sub. But you don't know until you try.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #18805

this is so infuriating in a very real way lmao. I do not miss hanging out with anime fans


Comment ID #18806

Stop ruining Daisy's non-date


Comment ID #18807

Damn over privileged brats. Id throw some nasty buttery popcorn right in her face...

Demetrius S.  

Comment ID #18808

No!!! They're ringing the date!!!

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #18809

...does this mean they'll be all alone... in a movie theater.... together....


Comment ID #18810

Something similar happened to me when I went to watch "Weathering With You". I'm dyslexic, so when I'm at home and I can take my time reading it's one thing, but I decided to see the dub in theaters in order to have a better viewing experience. NOPE. People revolted, so I asked the staff kindly if I can wait another 2 hours for the next dub showing. Well, SAME thing happened. It was so frustrating. I had to go back a THIRD time.

Like, you guys can all UNDERSTAND English. It's not like your precious little 外人 ears don't hear it on the daily can you please just behave?


Comment ID #18811

I am also dyslexic and normally watch the dubs, sometimes when watching subs I need to pause or rewind because I couldn't read everything fast enough. Never went to the theater to watch a dub on the big screen though. Been low-key waiting to see if Paulo is revealed to be dyslexic too.

Russell Nils Lawrick  

Comment ID #18812

Geez do people like this actually exist and do this in theaters


Comment ID #18813

Sadly, yes.


Comment ID #18814

alternate chapter title: Daisy's Dreadful Day


Comment ID #18815


Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #18816


How is it unrealistic? This has happened to me three times actually!

Load reply  

Comment ID #18817

I personally prefer dubs over subs because I want to watch whats going on the whole screen, not mostly focusing on reading the bottom text on the screen. :O


Comment ID #18818

I will say, for people who are used to it, you don't actually miss much of the actual visuals in subs. Good sub translations keep the language as simple and easy to parse at a glance so the viewer doesn't need to focus on the bottom of the screen. It's more of a "read from periphery" thing from my experience. It definitely takes a bit of a learning curve, though people who have trouble reading in general are entirely justified in simply preferring dubs.


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