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Oliver: These debates still happen in anime circles, right?

I think even today, David would DEFINITELY have an opinion.

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #18677

Team DaisyxDavid


Comment ID #18678

David’s not wrong

Aesthete Noire  

Comment ID #18679

move over lucy x paulo x mike, this is the new best poly ship

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #18680

If the dubbing was done by 4Kids, they could be in trouble.


Comment ID #18681

David is so right tho. Its so tiring to hear that "I should listen to japanese voice actors and just read the words/facial expressions just the same you funimation dub loving loser" Regardless cute page love it

James E Wenthe  

Comment ID #18682

Did they go see My Hero Academia??? Lmao I did, even called off work for it 😅


Comment ID #18683

Guessing David hasn't seen Cowboy Bebop in English yet. Even now, a decade after this story takes place.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #18684

I'm on Sub team. Original language all the way, no matter the language.


Comment ID #18685

Yeah I'm with Paulo. Dub over sub because I can't watch and read at the same time.

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #18686

The three of them are so cute I’m so glad to see them interactingggg childhood bestiesss


Comment ID #18687

They're all going to see Babeheart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_54h0l_4u8w


Comment ID #18688

Man. I got people I know who are like David. Smh. Just because its a dub doesn't make it automatically trash...

Demetrius S.  

Comment ID #18689

Subbed anime is how David moved into AP English with Daisy and Abbey so fast

Karissa Slonka  

Comment ID #18690

oh god David and I would argue so much


Comment ID #18691

I'm half and half. I prefer not to read subs, but so many dubs in this time lost had bad voices

Dominic Egan  

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