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Author commentary

Veronica: This is the greatest day of David’s life.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #18663

David is shipping it XD


Comment ID #18664

David you precious bean


Comment ID #18665

Looks like Paulo is starting to regret on the idea of giving everyone a ride around town.


Comment ID #18666

David is giving Daisy the Penance Stare from Ghost Rider.


Comment ID #18667

Me too, David.

Steph Bassett  

Comment ID #18668

Hilarious! Paulos so focused on not killing them


Comment ID #18669

Paulo going hand in hand with crashing cars

Red Marine  

Comment ID #18670

Backseat shenanigans

LadyDoll -  

Comment ID #18671

Put your seatbelt on David >:O


Comment ID #18672

I'm happy too David, I still think Dasiy needs to grow up more, especially in the self-esteem department. I am happy because I can see her being such a good influence when it comes to thinking about his future and showing him how capable he can be. And he's good for her because he's outgoing and can bring her out of her shell more πŸ˜„ I would like to see them as the end game


Comment ID #18673

I am so excited for this chapter, lol. Also, I like how Paulo was at first casually resting his arm on the window sill, but on the last panel he has both hands on the wheel to show how stressed out he is lmao


Comment ID #18674

David speaks to my soul here. Let’s go Paisy!!!!

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #18675

What if Daisy and David get together in this chapter πŸ€”


Comment ID #18676

Goddddd the cute continues, this is so sweet 😊


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