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Veronica: Good movie!

News: Attention:

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Comment ID #18819

What a bunch of cuties


Comment ID #18820

Cute! Now what's going to go wrong?


Comment ID #18821



Comment ID #18822

Nah, David wanted this to happen. He'd only cause trouble if they couldn't find him afterwards.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #18823

Or there's a chance the anime fans will get their way and they restart the movie in SUB.


Comment ID #18824

This is adorable I'm so happy but i know suffering is coming. Or something


Comment ID #18825


Caroline Rhea  

Comment ID #18826

Look how happy Daisy is.


Comment ID #18827

Waiting for the “sorry daisy I just don’t like you like that :/“ panel so I can scream at get mad


Comment ID #18828

Daisy has a 'join the nerd side Paulo' face


Comment ID #18829

Daisy: Join us! (demonic Evil Dead voice)


Comment ID #18830

Cuteness is cuteness. So sweet 🌷


Comment ID #18831

I like the other girl just sitting there like ‚this is fine :)‘ as well :D


Comment ID #18832

Her checking if he's enjoying the movie and seeing that he is is adorable. 🥺🥺

I def know that feeling of being anxious about someone close to you not enjoying some media content that you like a lot and want to share with them.

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #18833

Noooo Paulo. She's weebafying you!!!

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #18834



Comment ID #18835

Now's the time for David to show up and say "awkward".

Daniel Hooper  

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