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*Mike and Daisy stroll into the carnival, side by side. They are wearing their admission wristbands and look around excitedly at the booths and festive banners. Daisy clasps her hands together, thrilled. Mike smiles, looking at something in the distance.*

[The rest of the page depicts various scenes Mike and Daisy share at the carnival.]

*Daisy and Mike walk through a funhouse together. Daisy stands with her back to Mike, gazing curiously at her reflection in a wavy mirror that makes her look like a ribbon. Behind her, Mike smiles nervously at a different mirror that makes him look like a grinning cartoon.*

*Daisy and Mike are aboard a boat labeled “Scare-O-Meter”, a dark ride. Daisy clings to Mike, shrieking as a dragon prop pops out of the wall and bats dangle from the ceiling. Mike blushes uncomfortably, holding his hands in front of him, but Daisy is unaware of his expression.*

*Mike and Daisy run through the carnival, beaming in excitement. Daisy points enthusiastically at a carnival game.*

*Mike sticks his tongue out in concentration as he prepares to throw a ball from the bucket in front of him. Daisy beams in excited anticipation, looking at the cute bear, bunny and cat stuffed animals on the prize shelf.*

*Mike and Daisy sit in the front car of a shark-themed roller coaster. Daisy has her hands in the air, grinning happily as it descends. Mike keeps his hands down, glancing at Daisy in surprise. The cars behind them are filled with cameos. In the car behind Mike and Daisy, Sue sits next to McCain. Sue looks fearfully at the drop, while McCain frowns neutrally. Behind them, Mina and Cassidy smile. At the end of the roller coaster, an impressed Craig sits beside a coolly smiling Courtney.*

*Daisy walks through the fair, getting admiring looks and whistles from nameless students due to her racy outfit. She glances back at them out of the corner of her eye, smirking in satisfaction.*

*Mike and Daisy stroll toward another game booth. It is getting darker. Mike smiles happily, not seeing that Daisy is smirking and looking at him as they walk. They pass several nameless students who are watching them. One wolf-whistles at Daisy. A couple smirk at them, seeming to tease the “couple”.*

*Mike and Daisy find a photo booth and take several pictures. In the first shot, they smile together. In the second shot, Daisy cheerfully hugs an uncomfortable Mike, who has one arm held away from her. In the third shot, Daisy has thrown herself at Mike and squeezes him tight as he looks distressed. In the fourth shot, only Daisy and Mike’s tails are visible as she knocks him down.*

*Daisy smirks in satisfaction, holding the bear Mike won for her to her chest.*

Author commentary

Veronica: So, I wonder how Mike and Daisy are doing! They’re probably doing the most cliche activities to do in a carnival!

Those little bands around their right arms are those “Free ride” bracelets.. the kind Daisy was mentioning in “Rising Temperature.” They didn’t leave a hospital, I swear!

I still feel really proud of the way I set this whole sequence up, so much is happening! The works!!! And you can see Daisy getting more and more frisky throughout the night :l Not really to Mike’s liking.

Oliver: Lots of little details updated across this page. We hope the long-time readers enjoy them.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #8920

Did the minor character club reserve a whole coaster.

Calvin April 26, 2010, 11:56 AM EDT.

Comment ID #44171

Where is Yashy when you need, um… it?

this guy June 14, 2010, 11:16 PM EDT.

Comment ID #164087

im glad shes finally happy, mabye now she wont be as emo, naw, what good plot would that come out of?

Wolfiesong and Sneppy May 29, 2011, 12:51 PM EDT.

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