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[The opening panel is black, signifying an off-screen sequence where Abbey told Daisy his family history.]

*Daisy covers her mouth, staring in horror.*

*Daisy and Abbey walk through the park. Daisy looks down, keeping her hand over her mouth.*
Daisy: That’s horrible..
*Abbey holds a hand up to his head, looking weary.*
Abbey: It’s all in the past, now. He can’t hurt us anymore.

*Daisy looks up at Abbey, worried for him.*
Daisy: Abbey, that’s clearly not true.. have you ever told this to anyone before?
*Abbey glances at her.*

*Abbey looks away, a distant expression on his face.*
Abbey: No.
Daisy: Not even your new parents?
Abbey: I don’t want to.

*Abbey frowns.*
Abbey: It’s not often I let it get to me. I have to stay strong.. for Molly’s sake. She looks up to me. I don’t want her to think she has anything to fear. So I keep it to myself.

*Daisy smiles softly.*
Daisy: How do you feel now you’ve told me?
Abbey: Worlds better..

*Daisy looks earnestly up at Abbey.*
Daisy: That’s what talking can do, Abbey. You saw what it did for Tess.. Bottling up your feelings can be too hard for anybody, even you!

Daisy: Please don’t forget that..
*Abbey lowers his head and smiles.*
Abbey: Well, it helps when there are people like you to listen.. I should thank you..

*Daisy beams so brightly that stars appear around her. She gives Abbey a big thumbs-up.*
Daisy: You already did!~ ♥

*Daisy raises a hand to her cheek in excitement, still beaming.*
Daisy: Hey.. I’ve still got two more ride tickets..
*Abbey smiles bashfully and scratches his head.*
Abbey: Isn’t it closing soon?!

*Daisy grabs Abbey by the hand. She pulls him in the direction of the carnival.*
Daisy: I’m sure they’ll let us through when they see those cute bunny ears of yours!
*Abbey blushes, looking flustered, but smiling.*
Abbey: H-hey!!

*The scene transitions to Tess in the back of her limousine, returning from the prom. She smiles wistfully out the window at Paulo, raising one hand in a wave.*

*Paulo stands outside his house, a small, longing smile on his face as he waves back. He blushes.*

*Paulo is a dark silhouette in the night waving to Tess as her car drives away.*
Daisy (narrating): Maybe it was silly to think I’d ever be able to pretend to be what he wanted..

*The scene transitions to Abbey and Daisy in the front car of the roller coaster. Daisy has her hands in the air and screams in excitement. Abbey clings to the car, grinning with his eyes closed.*
Daisy (narrating): Maybe it’s silly to pretend at all!

*The scene transitions to Daisy in her nightgown. She sits up in bed, holding the plush bear Mike won for her at the carnival and looking at it wistfully.*
Daisy (narrating): But I definitely don’t wanna feel this way forever..

*The scene transitions to Daisy and Paulo crossing past each other by the lockers at school. Daisy has her eyes closed with a slight smile. She’s holding a book to her chest. Paulo glances at her over his shoulder.*
Daisy (narrating): Sometimes you find new beginnings in what first seem like conclusions.. Maybe this is one of those times?

Author commentary

Veronica: Abbey’s story is too hardcore to be explained in the first panel.

Anyway, a lot has happened!!!! I guess we’ll see how the cast will handle this.. in the future!!!!!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #8311

It good to see abbey’s ears are up again.

Notorious_D April 25, 2010, 1:19 AM EDT.

Comment ID #217098

Urk. All of the ships are sinking.

Nana May 23, 2012, 1:37 AM EDT.

Comment ID #260149

So sweet #^_^#

Shadow September 24, 2013, 6:19 AM EDT.

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