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*Daisy stares at Abbey in disbelief.*
Daisy: … Abbey!

*Augustus glances over his shoulder at Abbey, who rests a hand on his shoulder. Abbey looks furious.*
Augustus: So, Mr. White Knight? Gonna strike me down?

*Abbey glares at Augustus, red-faced with anger.*
Abbey: Get. Away. From her.

*Augustus elbows Abbey’s arm away, breaking his grip. He smirks at Abbey, who’s glaring at him and clenching a fist.*
Augustus: Chill out. No need to go all “Hulk” on me, now..

*Augustus turns back to the confused Daisy and smiles charmingly.*
Augustus: Daisy, meet your second- greatest admirer. You’ve gathered quite a fanbase.

*Abbey straightens up and jabs a finger in Augustus’ direction.*
Abbey: I wasn’t following her, I’ve just been looking for YOU!!

*Augustus smiles cheerfully, gesturing with his hand.*
Augustus: Well, you got me! What were you looking for? A fight?
*Daisy is sweating nervously.*

*Augustus purses his lips and looks slyly at Abbey.*
Augustus: Eager to live up to the noble bloodline of Abrahams well- known for careful control of their tempers?

*Abbey stares, shocked. He starts sweating.*

*Abbey scowls and grabs Augustus by the shoulder again.*
*Augustus grins at him.*
Augustus: It IS your name, isn’t it?

Augustus: Come on. I know you’re just itching to play the hero.
*Daisy watches with tears in her eyes, flustered and confused.*
Daisy: What..?

*Abbey glares at Augustus, still holding him by the shoulder.*
Abbey: You’ve been manipulating Daisy all this time for your own benefit!
*Augustus smirks, unconcerned.*
Augustus: Manipulating? Funny word, considering what a great night she was having up until now..

*Augustus turns away from Abbey, still smiling.*
Augustus: Daisy’s the one who wanted this. I only gave her the encouragement she needed. Who are either of us to stop her?

*Abbey, red-faced, punches Augustus in the side of the head.*

*Daisy stares in horror.*
Daisy: ABBEY!!

*Augustus crouches down, holding his cheek and wincing, though he appears to laugh.*
Augustus: Ahahaha, youch! Nice one!!
*Abbey stands over him, frowning and with his fists clenched.*

*Augustus grins venomously and looks at Abbey out of the corner of his eye.*
Augustus: Hell of a right hook, Abraham.. Your father would be PROUD.

*Abbey freezes up in horror.*

Author commentary

Veronica: Ohhhh, he said the “F” word!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #64638

Alright Abbey, you now have my permission to kill him. He went too far.

Skykitsune July 26, 2010, 11:21 AM EDT.

Comment ID #95704

I’m in love with FFCat.

Mr. Klaus September 24, 2010, 6:05 PM EDT.

Comment ID #138716

I may be mistaking but were Abby’s ears more perked up when he first appeared? he’s been through a lot of shit recently so it wouldn’t surprise me.

TheSandMan961 December 24, 2010, 7:27 PM EST.

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