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97. After You, page posted 6/19/17

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After You — Page 16
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Author commentary

Veronica: Paulo in the second panel made me laugh out loud, he is so totally childish

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**** YES. Finally after so much crap Lucy is calling out paulo on his ********.
To me, lucy and paulo never made a good pair because even though they are a lot alike, they enable each other whenever they are wrong.
Whenever lucy was feeling guilty paulo would cheer her up without fully making her acknowledge that she ****ed up. “So maybe its your fault a little BUT YOURE SUPER AMAZING AND FUN TO BE AROUND SO ITS OKAY” and vice versa lucy would be okay with paulo’s bullying.
So I’m excited AF to see Lucy say this, I was really praying she would.

Tumblr: spiderman June 19, 2017

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