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Author commentary

Veronica: James is so much fun to write, he’s perpetually shoving his foot in his mouth but then.. running with it. I kinda love characters like that - when they bleed anxiety but they’re not actually anxious people? James is very confident! He just keeps trailing off into tangents that he realises might be misinterpreted, only to go into further tangents. He’s ideal for people like me that honestly don’t mind listening..

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #23055

I would die for James, he is so pure


Comment ID #23056

You deserve to take your time. We appreciate all you do for us!


Comment ID #23057

James is so excited and nervous, my heart goes out to him XD I second what Hazel said! You're such hard workers, you deserve less stress. Don't worry about us. You take care of you!


Comment ID #23058

Thank you for the heads up about the schedule change! You two work so hard for us, we can all be patient for new pages for however long it takes you guys to get settled and refreshed! Please take it as easy as you can! Looking forward to the next page on Monday 💖


Comment ID #23059

Wait so will there be a Friday update? Or will friday be skipped and the next update we get is on monday? Im a little confused 😅

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #23060

I think the next update we get is on Monday :) no shame in being confused


Comment ID #23061

Correct. Friday is a stream, no update. Monday is the first update of the new weekly schedule. The public gets page 2, patrons get page 3.

Veronica and Oliver  

Comment ID #23062

Is he in denial there?


Comment ID #23063

Is he on drugs? I was on drugs in highschool, no shame. Life is hard.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #23064

James just has to admit that Mike is his drug

Stradivarius Winter  

Comment ID #23065

That James. Always full of energy.


Comment ID #23066

I'm starting to think that James is on drugs.


Comment ID #23067

He's high on life


Comment ID #23068

Those POMERANIANS are the most adorable thing!


Comment ID #23069

Ngl I'm happy you're slowing down. I was always a little concerned with how long you kept the weekly triple upload and stream. Have a nice break

Red Miso  

Comment ID #23070

How is no one talking about Mike's scruffyness! Look! He's growing into his own fur/hair style! Any change in hair automatically equals character growth! Is it good or bad? Who Knows! But he SCRUFFY!! And I for one am HERE for Scruffy Mike Era!

Karissa Slonka  

Comment ID #23071

Everyone was talking about it last page, haha.


Comment ID #23072

aaah, IM the slow one x)

Karissa Slonka  

Comment ID #23073

I've been here since the "Punch a furry in the Face" ads, I plan on riding this horse until it's broke!

Opus the Poet  

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