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Veronica: Where are YOU off to, babygirl? :’(

Anyway this has not been a good night for Daisy.. tolerating a scary movie only to see her crush completely salivate over other people. Must be nice! Shouldn’t you be used to this by now??

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Comment ID #23418

Paulo boi u dun fucked up


Comment ID #23419

all this talk amongst each other, no wonder why she feels left out :(


Comment ID #23420

Super hero landing!

Also does this mean Mike will have someone to have competitive bouts with like he did with Lucy back in the day? I think it'd be fun for him to get the competitive energy out with someone goofy like David tbh


Comment ID #23421

David arc coming in hot


Comment ID #23422

Happy, David?

Pit Pat  

Comment ID #23423

Mike, ruining everyone else relationship on top of his own ??

Gabrielle R  

Comment ID #23424

Superhero landing! His poor knee.

Paulo, u gotta get over your bi obsession and hug the girl, at least!!


Comment ID #23425

I hope David and James start dating in the future

Goobis Woobis  

Comment ID #23426

In this situation it's probably best to bow out when you know it's making you upset :(


Comment ID #23427

Daisy walking away doing the angry Pac-Man walk from Pac-Man 2.


Comment ID #23428

The next day, Mike quit the track team.


Comment ID #23429

Everyone going about how great David is to Paulo (the he ried to

cupido for him)...forgetting that he knows how Daisy fells about him...


Comment ID #23430

David your KNEES, and Oop there she goes. It was getting too queer out here for our girl Daisy.


Comment ID #23431

Mike, ruining everyone else’s relationship on top of his own 😎

Gabrielle R  

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