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Author commentary

Veronica: And perhaps now you can change your mind and dump your girlfriend for me instead, eh? :^)

Nahh, James just wants to be nice to Mike during his sadboy hours.

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Comment ID #22752

He's blushing...


Comment ID #22753

Damn. Love to see the naiive suiter. But Mike has grown from. Well everything.

Tristan Un-Chained  

Comment ID #22754

I love them together so much


Comment ID #22755

“If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man.” - Oathbringer, Brandon Sanderson


Comment ID #22756

Hm, thought he was going to go into more detail.. I think he's trying not to sour the mood, but I really wish he'd be honest now. It could be a sweeter vulnerable moment than this one, and earned.


Comment ID #22757

I'm glad Mike didn't just rehash everything for James. No need to drag James into all that's said and done, and it means James and appreciate Mike's progress in a way the current friend group can't. Loving this gentle, night-time heart to heart :3


Comment ID #22758

kiss him you fool


Comment ID #22759

Even if MikexJames never happens, I hope James at the very least continues to be a source of joy/support in Mike's life. Obviously Mike and James have only been friends for a few chapters but I don't think I've seen the character this consistently happy (and I mean GENUINELY happy, not the fake 'put on a smile/kind voice so that your friends don't fret over you' happy) since the days of volume 2.

Steven Marshall  

Comment ID #22760

Yes James, you should try and be a better stalker!


Comment ID #22761

I hope that in a Future James and Mike end up together (or also it could be Paulo)


Comment ID #22762

James is suddenly a hero of mine. Despite all the mistakes he's made, he knows how to self-correct, and encourages it in others. He may still have to work out some things involving Paulo, but that ball is in Paulo's court at the moment.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #22763

So who do you think would be the bottom between the two of them

Red Miso  

Comment ID #22764

They're underage, dude. I know young folks treat it like a personality test but it's not, it's about sex preferences only, and it's weird to bring up here!


Comment ID #22765

sweet dreams are made of these


Comment ID #22766

They've just met, it's be better to hang out more before spilling your guts/trauma dumping on someone ya know , because it's a very huge thing to do on someone you've just met or don't really know well yet. Though I like the fact that they're both trying to understand each other without getting to deep into it yet. Gotta take it slow. I'd hope to see a chapter dedicated more to James to see how he feels about this or how he would handle the situation or coping mechanism after this tbh. <3


Comment ID #22767

Trauma/lore dumping on the first date can really kill the mood, lol


Comment ID #22768

god i love how comfortable in his sexuality mike is


Comment ID #22769

bi mike moment


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