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Date Night — Page 12

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Veronica: Quick, it’s a fresh slate! Don’t tell him anything!!!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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👁👄👁Mike no


Comment ID #22741

Good page. I'm glad Mike is talking about it.


Comment ID #22742

I wonder where is this gonna end up


Comment ID #22743

I mean.... maybe he does need to talk to a 3rd party person who doesn't really know either of them all to well yet.


Comment ID #22744

Yeah, I agree! Though I don't think James is the best candidate as he's gonna be pretty biased since he's crushing on Mike.


Comment ID #22745

Oh boy I hope Mike doesn't keep cryptically self flagellating more with very little context just so his new and improved diehard stan can assure him he's never done anything wrong ever.


Comment ID #22746

Seriously. Mike needs his own lancer like Lucy has in Augustus, someone who he *knows* is on his side but will still call him out when he needs a some critical self-reflection. Daisy just validates all his behavior all the time and Paulo is too much a force of confused emotional chaos himself. Having someone who is indisputably in your corner but very comfortable with not letting you skate by with your bullshit is so valuable and James could be perfect for that.


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cracking up @ Mike's surprise that there's someone he goes to school with and shares friends with who doesn't know about his lifelong history of Drama™ dating back to preschool


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James: No, but if you tell me, will this give me night terrors?

Mike: Yes.

James: Then tell me everything!

Mike: ……….


Comment ID #22749

A part of me is like NO MIKE SHUT UP DON'T BLOW THIS YOU FINALLY HAVE A FRIEND WHO DOESN'T KNOW YOUR BAGGAGE but like AlisterTX said, it might actually work out where he'd have a friend that isn't attached to said backstory and can point out when he's acting up without any bias towards Lucy


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For some reason, Patreon can't access my tier and won't allow me to view the comic.

Ravyn Riasha  

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Man I think he needs this, especially from someone not from the group. Hoping their friendship stays strong after he talks about it

Goobis Woobis  

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