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Veronica: David is king of dodgeball.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Ahahaha oh boy, this is not gonna end up well.
I really am not feeling it right now, I think Sandy might bring some bad news.
Or maybe she’s going to be nice to Mike and still be in love with him and nothing bad is going to happen, after all, the chapter is named “Model Girlfriend”
Or maybe the name is just a trap ? I don’t know but right now, shit is getting real.

Tumblr: weblablastuff July 13, 2016

I’m calling it now, Sandy is going to dump Mike in person and it’s going to wreck him.

Tumblr: princexxmizeerie July 13, 2016

Tumblr image
I am so freaking happy with all this incredibly neat stuff that recently arrived in the mail! They’re beautiful and everything is beautiful. I love them and I love Taeshi and I love Suitcase and I love everything. Thank you so so much.
Also this chapter is beautiful (so far???) and I can’t wait to see Mike and Sandy happy together (hopefully/momentarily??? please just let me have this). I can’t wait for the very happy ending that I’m sure this chapter will have.

Tumblr: jeicob-evurrist July 14, 2016

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