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Model Girlfriend — Page 34

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Veronica: Scout’s honour!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Sandy just did a hundred 180′s from being all cutesy and then yelling at him then being mad then was all happy again?????????????/ I get that she’s been raised to be serious and shit but this is kinda annoying. Mike isn’t my favorite character he’s pretty low (tbh all the guys are except like David and Matt…) but she kinda snapped. He was trying to have fun with her and all she wanted to do was shop and “chat” ???????? That sounds fine for a robot with no feelings… Even though Mike has some attachment problems (Iguessthat’swhatitis??) he has a right to be upset that she rarely shows any kind of affection so far. From page 1. The only time she did was when they were kids. I don’t know why they kept this relationship it would’ve been fine as long-distance close friends.

Tumblr: usagi-neechan September 21, 2016

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Good night with a lil Lucy

Tumblr: doodlemaia September 21, 2016

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