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Tumblr: derpy-inc September 19, 2016

i dont like mike x sandy and i hope they both sit down, talk about their relationship, and mutually and peacefully decide to break up because based on this chapter their relationship is really awkward and not very good.
like they dont fit together well at all.  previous chapters back this up, and i especially Feel This because my first two relationships were kind of similar to this ship in this regard.  sandy (like me) is the sort of person who doesnt need regular contact with people.  she knows where she stands in her relationship with mike and doesnt feel a need to be reassured that he cares about her.
on the other hand, mike (like my first two bfs) is the sort of person who needs reassurance and attention from his partner.  this is not a bad thing though!! this is perfectly okay and normal.  but mike would be a lot better off and happier in a […]

Tumblr: athousandscreaminghorses September 20, 2016

Tumblr image
I got a BCI membership this month and my jasmine charm came just last week! It’s very lovely~ Thanks again @bittersweetcandybowl

Tumblr: howlingwolvesonfire September 20, 2016

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