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96. Unspoken Rule, page posted 3/10/17

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Unspoken Rule — Page 4
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Author commentary

Veronica: At least Paulo can come up with plausible excuses now!! Not like a phantom relative dying, work excuses always do their job.

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Jeez man, just when you think winter is ending, Taeshi brings you a blizzard of ice-cold cats.
 Also Daisy is so freakin’ cute here sheeeeesh :0

Tumblr: migbird March 10, 2017

The interesting thing I see about this page now is that Paulo seems to have blown a fuse. He’s very cold, blunt, and uncaring. He’s already looked down upon by his “friends” at the table, but this new treatment of others won’t be buying him any second chances, either. On the flip side, this is a big bad dosage of ice water for Daisy. Will she realise what she’s done to both Abbey and Paulo? If worse comes to shove and this continues to be ignored by her, she’ll be forced to grow a spine and set things straight, knock some heads together. (Sort her issues out with Abbey and Paulo with group support), Or she might break under the (negative) pressure of her self-esteem…

Tumblr: abbeyslilkits March 11, 2017

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