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Unspoken Rule — Page 25

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Veronica: this is going well

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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you tell him Lucy!

Tumblr: irritatedpinkpuppy May 1, 2017

All of you that are apparently on Lucy team or whater…. you keep saying she’s over and stuff like that, but did you notice that when it comes to her, IT’S STILL ALL ABOUT MIKE? What he wants, what he said, what IS according to him? She even stopped considering Paulo and the rest her friends because according to him they’re not her friends, she doesn’t even consider that it’s up to them to decide that, not Mike -_- Yes, what she had been through was awful, but it still pointing out to her being fixated on Mike (trying to kill herself because she was unable to cope after he apologized) and being SELFISH (because suicide is, and always will be, selfish, no matter how justified. Did she consider what her family and friends will go through as she jumped? No.)
To sum up; Lucy is a bad as Mike, if not worse (at least he admitted to being wrong and apologized), and I hope she eventually gets a reality check.

Tumblr: catxborsuq May 2, 2017

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