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It’s All in the Mind — Page 10
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Author commentary

Veronica: Maybe the lunch table ISN’T all that cracked up to be…

also oh my god what are you DOING HERE

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Today on bcb: Mike continues to screw up what little remaining friendships he has

Tumblr: pudgeydove June 27, 2018

Posted imageTHE BEST PANEL

Tumblr: tracfone June 27, 2018

YEAH AGREED, MIKE WHAT ARE YOU *DOING*? YOU ABSURD, TERRIBLE LITTLE MANugh i don’t know at this point honestly, it’s so hard to get a read on her. in my interpretation, she’s Maybe going to think about it? like i feel like she would’ve said something that leaned more towards “no” if she wasn’t thinking about it. but… i think she’s going to need some Major Healing from the December chapter events in order for her to actually seriously consider it. i think that it’s still plaguing her mind (as it would) and… it’s going to be hard for her to move past it

Tumblr: bramblepaws June 28, 2018

Tumblr image
was bored so i drew some bittersweet candy matsus babie. this is sorta a redraw of something i made 2 yrs ago

Tumblr: redfoxling June 28, 2018

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